Sculpts you unexpectedly love

Jul 10, 2017

    1. I usually prefer dolls with neutral expressions, or maybe just a small smile or frown, but I love Darak's Hapumi. She looks like she's either yawning or screaming her little head off, and I think it's adorable.
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    2. Sio2's cute tiny anime-esque dolls stolemy heart though the aesthetic doesn't match any other bjds I have or want. They're just too cute.
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    3. Cocoriang Tobi! I'm not a big fan of anthros or animals but that little bunny is just adorable! I don't know if I'll ever get one but I love looking at pictures of them.
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    4. On the subject of anthros, I almost forgot one (or two)! :doh

      Being a big cat person, I immediately fell in love with DC's anthro kitty girls Madeline and Katherine when I first saw them. They're not my usual aesthetic, since I prefer realistic jointed cat bjds (like Evedoll's cats), but something about those two is just so...cute.:DWhether I'll ever get them or not, I'm not sure, but who knows. :kitty1
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    5. Soom's new Julie, to start with... 8'D

      But also, DollShe/Granado/Immortality of Soul as a general aesthetic? I mostly collect and am interested in stylized MSD dolls (Lillycat, Fairyland, etc.), and I've never been interested in owning anything bigger than 60cm, or anything super realistic.

      But for whatever reason, I found myself clicking around those three companies last night, and they all just looked so beautiful. IOS's I sculpt struck me especially!

      I doubt I'll ever purchase one — well, maybe the poodle <3 — but I was definitely a lot more in love with them than I thought I'd be!
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    6. Doll Chateau Snowborn! I strongly prefer MSDs, and DC sculpts tend to creep me out, but he's super lovely and I love his devious little smirk. I'm probably never going to be able to afford him, but I'd love to be able to someday.
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    7. I am mostly interested in more mature sculpts, or at least those which can be styled that way-- I'm not interested in child characters. So I didn't think childlike tinies would be for me at first-- I wasn't going to go any more child-like than Vince, whose character is a living doll who is not really very like a human child.

      Of course my next order included a LTF, that thing I said I was not interested in. I wanted something to be very small and delicate in a chibi-elfin way next to the others, rather than a child character, which I am still not interested in, and I thought the LTF El was super darling, with a potentially more serious face... I'd dress him up to look like he was just a tiny stylized adult, maybe do something hobbit-y with him, it could work. He'd never look truly adult, but a stylized fantasy adult was possible... Nope, he wears a dinosaur costume and has a face full of freckles and a bunch of toy props and it's adorable and cutesy and he looks every inch a little bitty child and I love him that way.
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    8. I don't really like SDs, just because they're too big for me, but then I saw IslandDoll Veranoen and I had to have him!! I first saw him two years ago, but only now have I been able to start saving for him. So I'm hoping to buy him by September...!

      I also fell in love with Kanadoll's Adrian, but that's more of a pipe-dream... Or maybe just an "admire from afar"...
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    9. I don't want to tempt fate, but some people have been saying they've gotten recent orders within 3-4 months or so. Very much hoping DC will keep it up; I'm already tempted to buy a second hand doll in the meantime, so I can get started working on clothes/face-ups etc :S.

      @kurogane - Seed Art's Wol is lovely. I can definitely see why you were drawn to her. I hadn't heard of Seed Arts before (another artist to add to my list). I'm also hoping to build up quite an eclectic collection.
    10. Anything doll with teeth! I don't xare for dolls with permanent expressions, but teeth make them appealing!! :D
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    11. Miracledoll Vic! His happy little shark smile makes me SO happy!!
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    12. Ooh, he's neat. I can't quite decide if I love him or not, but I do appreciate when companies/artists make more unusual and expressive sculpts. He has a lot of personality!
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    13. I never really liked any type of animal BJDs even ones that aren't half human/half animal, but I must say the iMda cutie bunnies are sweet (all the other ones still creep me out though (>_<)
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    14. I didn't like Resinsoul Song very much when I discovered BJD's. Just... Look at these company photo's: They don't do the sculpt justice. Then I was browsing the marketplace and found MY Song. I didn't even think it was the same sculpt but there he was. I put him on layaway the very same day. He just clicked with me.

      I love the sculpt a lot. Anytime I see a Song on the marketplace I have to remind myself, I already have one. I don't need two...

      And then RS released Jian which does not have the ears my dear Song has... But he has his little smirk.. And I keep having to remind myself, I already gave Avalon one sibling. He doesn't need a twin brother. (I'm rapidly losing this fight BTW.)
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    15. Ah OK. That's interesting to know. Poseability is quite a big deal to me and I'm nervous to attempt restringing, let alone any other maintenance work, so something to keep in mind. I'll have to look at some of the hybrids people have created.

      Oh OK, around the same time as me. Will be interesting to see if we get our dolls at roughly similar times! Typically there's now an Evangeline on the secondhand market, but I'm still glad I ordered new (esp. because she will be coming with a limited event doll).
    16. I agree, most of Resinsoul's pictures don't really do any justice to their dolls ;____;
      Song is also one of my favourites and I'd love to get one myself in the future! And, speaking of dolls I unexpectedly love, RS Lian would also fall in the category: I was kinda confused when I saw a few owner pics of her around, because I was sure I was familiar with pretty much all of RS sculpts and I didn't even remember seeing a doll with *that* cute face and lovely elf ears. Then I went back to the site to take a look and realised *why* I'd never noticed her before: out of three pics, only the last one actually shows her ears .___. in the other ones she's got this sort of bandana covering everything, so it's really hard to figure out what she looks like D:
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    17. Lian has elf ears? I didn't even know that til now! Man RS needs to get better pictures. I still want to get my hands on Mei and Sui (on Tang body) just so many plans so little money!
    18. Yep! ^___^ And they're quite huge, too D: but the headscarf in the preview pictures on the RS website *completely* covers them, so it's completely impossible to see them .___.
      The following picture is not mine, but it shows the ears in all of their glory: PC070269

      And yesss, Mei and Sui are super cute, too!
    19. Man those ears are lovely. Wonderful face too!

      I seriously want both so badly. Mei is one of my dream dolls but Sui is such a lovely boy too (and I need more boys)
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    20. Speaking of child-like sculpts and tiny dolls, I'm not the fan of them too) Never thought I would ever buy a YoSD, but Be With You Paprika has stolen my heart, she's so cute. So I'm now a happy owner of one. :kitty1
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