Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. She is amazing Rosslyn! <33

      And redsixwings, afaik there are only the OOAK hand-cast ones going up this weekend. The pro-cast ones from Haru are all spoken for
    2. Thank you! I had a huge long post about those but I cannot get DoA to like me this week, and it wouldnt post.
      Edit: THERE we go. What the heck, DoA?
    3. Thanks! I think Armeleia intends to cast more of them, since they are getting sold very quickly now and there seems to be a bit more demand.
      The tough thing is getting word out so that there is concrete, non-flaky, committed demand so that more preorders and more casting can happen- Armeleia is an independent artist and doesn't often make doll parts for sale these days. (they do make the most precious lil' resin pocket companions and I cannot resist sparkly worrystone type things.)
      I found out about Wol because I follow their art tumblr. I think the first run of pro-cast Wols were done by Haru Casting, but Armeleia has also done some artist casts by lottery or first come first serve in an etsy store release. The artist casts are incredible, with glitter or color swirls or even glow powder in some of them!

      My best advice would be to follow Armeleia on tumblr and you could ask there about future availability if they don't make an announcement to that effect sometime soon.

      OMgosh MOMgosh there's Wols in the Etsy RIGHT NOW they're special artist casts! From the blog: ETSY PREVIEW! the listings are all up in the shop - the prices will be decreased by $100 on Saturday at 3pm EDT., so this isn’t their intended price. The photos looked good on my laptop, but on my phone they have a yellowish cast…? Ugh, technology! Link is in my profile, also here: #seedarts #bjd #artistbjd
    4. Thanks Roterwolkenvogel and Rosslyn!

      I did find the Etsy ones shortly after I posted (wow, they're glorious! That tan one is my favorite for sure!) I probably can't swing one on April 1st, because that's right around the corner, but... she's so pretty. :D

      I'll follow the artist on Tumblr and think about it. xD Thanks for the information!
    5. Apsen Wol is super fantastic!! Very nice work!
    6. Aw thanks very much!
    7. You're very welcome! I am having fun with mine. I hope to manage a proper photoshoot with the good camera sometime soon.
    8. @Rosslyn Ooooo you definitely need to! Also, quick question, how was easy/difficult was the modding to put a Wol head on a DC body?
    9. I didn't have to mod her head or body at all for the K-08 Male Youth body I used. It could use some sueding so it doesn't "snap" around, because it's a little but of a loose fit, but it works nicely.
      I did have to blush a little more yellow into her skintone to make her white resin match Doll Chateau white resin, but that was relatively simple.
    10. Wow the sparkles and marbling is cool. Though I have to say, i'd be more inclined to buy if I could order a plain one. I like marbling, not so keen on sparkles. But dang it's cool that you can do that.
      I hope she releases some more, yessss... the pennies, they shall be saved. And then of course the "what body?" Dilemma hah.
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    11. I am telling myself I don't need a glittery Wol :lol: Kendra will be sent of to the artist tomorrow tho :D
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    12. Don't need sure... but we don't NEED dolls at all *devil's advocate bwhahaha*
      Want though... oh yes...
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    13. I know, right? I do not need a glitterWol. I have too many dolls. But ohhhhhh pretty...
      SO here's some more Aspen. I discovered that the skylight I put in my hallway makes for perfect light.

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    14. She's so cool! that bark effect is so effective and her wig's amazing like.. seriously. She's awesome.
    15. Aspen is just lovely. The super-long limbs work really well for her, and I love how accurate your bark banding is.
    16. @Rosslyn It fits that well?! That's really great to know! Thank you :kitty2

      @Roterwolkenvogel I've already bent to the urge---I'm going to try my luck this weekend for a head!
    17. Aw thank you very much! I'm blushing. I had fun doing her skin.

      Thanks so much! I really wanted to use the D.C. body for the tree like limbs. I've been living in the Rockies for a few years now and discovered Aspen trees- never saw them growing up in CA. I've got a lot of handy references for aspen bark all around.
      Someday I want to take her out to meet Pando, the worlds largest single living thing, a forest of aspens that is one tree.

      Yeah it's kind of unexpected but it does fit! Good luck!
    18. I can't comment on the resin or neck match, but the idea of a Wol head on Gil body sounds absolutely stunning! I really hope you're able to make it work.
    19. Thank you!!

      She arrived today!! (•○•)
      Tried her on this Withdoll body for now but it's a good fit.
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