Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. I love her. Those artist cast ones sold FAST omg.
      I'd love one on a birdy body to make her a proper little owl girl heh.
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    2. Oh she is fantastic @Beansproutmomo <3

      @purple_monkfish I can help with that :lol: mine already has wings and will get claws very soon too for that ultimate owl feeling xD
    3. So jealous! She's beautiful!

      Does anyone happen to know if more Wols will be available in future?
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    4. Armeleia mentioned on her IG that she has some artist casts let thaat will go up for sale soon and that depending on the interest she might do a second preorder. I'd say keep an eye on her IG and other social media sites!
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    5. Thank you all so much! I had a blast playing with her over the weekend.
      I'll take some hybrid ref pics next, with all of the mini bodies I have.

      Here is one more pic~♡
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    6. Aw so cute! I love her colors with the matching hair and eyes.
    7. Thanks! I think I'd like to stick with green hair/eyes for her, since I want to 'patina' her mechanical wing later. Hoping it won't look odd with the tan skin over time.
    8. Oh, I'd love to see how the patina works out! That sounds awesome!
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    9. Thanks! I'll be sure to post pics!
      Been so busy lately but I took some hybrid pics over the weekend. Tried Souldoll NL, Dc Kid, and Withdoll. I'll group them all into a manageable image to post here.
      For now, here is Tarazed in a new outfit. ^_^♡
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    10. :o that outfit is AMAZING (I feel like I should stop, lol, it seems like I'm just stalking all your replies to say "yes, THAT THING you're planning, YES DO IT" ;) )
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    11. Thank you so much! Haha I'll be sure to post pics when I can!

      For now, here are 3 bodies I tried.


      Can't seem to get it to post so here is a link

      ♥ : Photo
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    12. Cool! I'm guessing that's tan resin for the Withdoll, and NS (or equivalent) for the Souldoll and DC? In terms of physical fit, it looks like it works pretty well on all three- did they all feel ok when you were handling them? Which body is the outfit photo above on?

      Also, not relating to hybriding, but I really love how cute her little ears look in those profile shots :3nodding:. I feel like ears are an underappreciated aspect of sculpt design ;)
    13. Oh shoot I should've included that, my apologies!
      Withdoll body: Realskin UV (almost dark enough, so maybe their next darker shade would be best?)
      Souldoll: WS
      DC kid: Normal pink skin

      The head seems to work best on the thinner WD and DC necks. With some sueding the head should pose better. Currently it wants to snap around.
      The fully clothes pics of her are on the WD body. I have a few more bodies at home to try next too.

      I also really like her ears!!

      The faceplate on mine might need tp be boil-fit to the headback a bit. I am using some sticky tac to hold it in place for now. When I was messing with wigs the face would pop off, so the tac helped hold it in place.

      Also to note about the s hook rest, seems you MUST have it threaded on to hold the head in place. I couldn't get it to work without it on any body. No complaints here though, since it's gorgeous. ♡
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    14. I got my artist cast Wol's face-up finished today! I'm still trying to work out what's the best body for her to borrow (it was a struggle finding any she could use at all) and working out what I want for her in terms of wigs, but I'm pretty happy with how her face turned out
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    15. She's gorgeous! ♡♡♡
    16. Oh my god, she is glittery perfection!
    17. omg that sparkle... incredible!
    18. I was half expecting the sparkle dolls to end up all airy fairy but DANG
      I did not see that fierce face outta nowhere, she's ready for the club but it ain't ready for her.
    19. @Hyperion I saw your post on tumblr! I love how you did the lips :D
    20. Thank you so much!!

      Thank you! :D

      Yess, she is so sparkle, it makes me so happy :D

      I think that is my favourite comment ever! She definitely has a bit of a 'are you really sure you want to mess with me' look, doesn't she? :D

      Thank you! I wasn't sure about the lips until I put her eyes in, I didn't even plan for the way they kind of match, but I feel like they really bring her look together

      And another photo for good measure. I need to work out what colour I want for her wig asap
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