Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. and now i'm thinking of Carrie Fisher and the glitter story hahaha.

      I kinda like the blue wig on her, it contrasts nicely with the lips and eyes and complements the silver.
    2. Sorry for the delay on more hybrid pics! Been a busy few weeks for me.

      Have a new pic of Tarazed, since I slapped some action figure wings on her.

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    3. I'm honestly in love with this sculpt, she gets sold out so fast though ;-; hopefully I'll get her someday!
    4. Here's my artist cast wol, birdy, since i finally go her wig and eyes (her name is actually elizabeth, but i just couldn't resist the nickname)
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    5. Seed Arts by armeleia They have Wol heads in stock and orderable! @maplesyrup and anyone else watching for this.
      I also seized the chance to get a Peabody head because I have always wanted one.
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    6. @Rosslyn I just saw this and am so torn! I've been wanting to wait for an artist cast but these are so reasonably priced!
    7. Armeleia is on tumblr under that name, you could ask them if there will be future artist casts.
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    8. gosh i'm so tempted. I'm supposed to be saving for something though. Nhghhhhh.
    9. @Rosslyn congrats on Peabody! I was so tempted by him but ahhh, gonna be good. (EDIT: nvm I caved :lol:)

      In Wol-News, my girl is nearly finished faceup wise and i shall have her next week, ahhh! And then to get her wings and claws painted and an outfit figured out and and and...
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    10. Peabody's head fascinates me. That jutting forehead, that weird nose... I really do like how unusual and characterful these heads are.
    11. Ok, ok, I am officially out of lurking in this thread. Since the first time I saw a Wol, I was intrigued but thought, naw, I'll pass. But I kept looking here and was getting more interested...

      Well I blame it on Rosslyn for sharing the Wol pre order! I caved and ordered one!

      I went with Peach skin just to make finding a body easier. I'm thinking RS as I like the style, plus the price is great. He even told me his name before I decided to buy! Not that I need another doll to care for, but I would have regretted not having a Wol.
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    12. Thanks! Bwahaha I am an ennabler.

      I love how different the face is! I adore distinctive features in dolls. I wonder if we could change the title of this thread to include "all" Seed Arts MSD heads. Peabody is such a rare low-numbers sculpt that I am pretty sure there's no thread for discussing it.

      Muahah I ennable you all! :evilplot:You won't regret snagging one. It's such a cute lil' sculpt and so wise. Those big soulful eyes want you to tell them all your troubles.

      Edit: Okay I changed the thread to include Peabody as well, so if you got one or you know anyone who has one and wishes there was a thread... there is now!
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    13. Awesome regarding the title change, I was just about to ask that!
    14. That is the coolest idea! Take lots of pictures!
    15. Here is my Artist Cast Wol head. She's on a Dream of Doll (older) msd body - and it works well I think. (not the best picture and it's only after posting that I noticed the eyes are not quite right.) *sigh*
      [​IMG]2017-03-12 16.25.40 by Annette Pschirrer, on Flickr
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    16. @Rosslyn I went back to re read the thread and saw your Aspen again, I never commented on how amazing she is! You did a fantastic job making her look like an Aspen in humaish form.

      @elf-ears I like your girl, and the body does work. Her eyes are very pretty!

      I'm glad to see finding a body won't be difficult. I've already decided on a RS boy body in no to match the head. I'm thinking it will match close enough. The neck sizes match up perfectly. Can't get the body until I pay off another doll, so looks like winter. Still, no hurry, lol.
    17. Thanks! I definitely will! I want to go during the autumn when it will all be gold.

      Aw she looks fantastic on that body! I love the proportions and the resin match is spot on.

      Thank you very much!
    18. I just spent a couple days sewing a shirt for my Wol, who won't be here till this fall, and who doesn't even have a body yet...:evilplot:

      I'm hoping, fingers crossed and all, that I can get a used body next month at our local bjd con.
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    19. @kurogane good luck! Any body in mind?

      @Beansproutmomo Your doll looks awesome with wings, btw, I missed mentioning that earlier! What body is that?

      I was thinking of getting a Model Delf body for the incoming Peabody head I have but I wasn't sure of size- then I realized he's probably the same size as Wol!
    20. @Rosslyn I'm thinking resinsoul for the body as I like the thinness of it. But for the right price, I'll consider any male msd body that works with resin matching, or looks good. Basically, a cheap used body is first choice, lol. I also like the DZ body with the heart carved into it. Only issue is the wait times for DZ.