Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. I actually plan on slapping my Peabody on a Summerbird Viola body - got it with both busts cause he is something of a genderless entity who chooses what he is daily :lol:
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    2. I really want to jump on this chance for a Wol head... but I have no idea what body I would want to put it on, and that makes it hard to choose a resin colour... :doh

      Partly it's because I still can't decide if I would want to take advance of the unusual facial features to make her into a fantasy creature, or have her more as a stylised real person.

      I'm kind of tempted by the idea of shelling her as a vulture girl, though.
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    3. Can I vote YES on the vulture girl?

      I admit, I only got mine a KDF body as I love the claws they released with the Bory Zeus version and I am way too damn lazy to mod them to fit any other body :lol:
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    4. vulture vulture vulture yesss!

      weird thing I noticed, I seem to be building a small collection of "bird people" lol.
      My DC Carol, Cree my four armed critter with his bird feet, my want for a Wol... clearly I need to just embrace the bird people hhahaha.
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    5. Oh my gosh, I just googled your blog- your four-armed guy is AMAZING!

      I never thought about mixing and matching RS fantasy parts... I wonder if I could get Sui hands and feet on a female body. How are you finding Sui's knees, now you've had a chance to pose your guy a bit more?
    6. Heh thank yoU!

      his knees don't actually seem to pose, it's bizarre. Like, you CAN get them to move if you pull them out of the socket but they have no mechanism so I don't think they're supposed to bend. Wiiiierd.

      I'm really pleased with him though. Just wish his wig would get here arghh. it's been nearly 2 months and i'm getting annoyed about it.

      I can check the hands if you like. the rs girl bodies have quite large hands anyway but their arms are a lot thinner so the balls likely won't actually fit. The width of the arms is like half the boy arm width.
      That said, i'm pretty sure there IS a female clawed hand somewhere.

      I wish they'd do female birdy dragon feet, they'd look amazing with the Wol head right?
      The small Pi/Pixiu feet fit the girl legs, but they look a bit disproportionately small. I'm a big fan of GIANT feet personally haha.
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    7. random aside, cannot stop laughing at Babi Sinsir
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    8. Well, I got the shirt finished, now to think about pants.

      My idea is to loosely base my Wol's character off of the movie Kubo of the Two Strings. Not an exact copy, but just the name and similar dress style. I've learned I can't do exact characters, just my own version. Took years of frustration to figure that out.

      I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's character concepts. A vulture girl is so unique I think you must do one @phragmosis!
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    9. Oh GOSH I wish I had a good reason to get one of those bodies they're AMAZING!! *flail* Please give us lotsa pics when you have it! That's going to be soooo cool!

      Doooo it... :evilplot:

      That's gonna look great!
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    10. I checked out the Wol Etsy sales page again, just to re read the info about skin tones. I picked peach, looks like Volks normal matches. Resin matching doesn't have to be perfect for me, so that makes it a little easier.

      There will only be 15 Wol heads made total, and if there aren't two of any color, that color won't get made. I sure hope the minimum is met! The order period ends August 10th. Now I'm thinking of not getting a body until I know for sure if the head will get made and in what color. The white is my second choice, also easier to resin match. I would really love to have a Wol head, so I'm hoping there are more ordered!
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    11. According to the etsy listing, it's at least three of any colour... I'm so torn!
    12. Oh, three. That makes it tougher. I checked, it looks like three have sold. I wonder what colors? One is peach. I think I'm going to stop working on this character until after August 10. No use getting too prepared then finding out it won't work.
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    13. I'd like a tan one, but finding a matching body could be tricky gah. Just... broooown... <_<
    14. I've figured it out! My Peabody is going to be a Tiefling! Probably on a Model Delf body. Maybe Souldoll Vito.
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    15. Oh I can't wait to see that!

      My Peabody shipped as did my Wol from the artist so I just casually stalk the postman :lol:
    16. Congratulations on shipping notices! Please share when you have the time!
    17. Okay I did it- I am getting a Model Delf body for the peabody head. But I can't give him a faceup until his body gets here so even if his head arrives I can't do much but wait! Ack! Oooh it's been a while since I had to wait on a doll. Good times.
    18. @Rosslyn congratulations on getting a body too! Yes, very exciting. A secondhand body, or new? I understand about having an idea, but having to wait on the parts before you can begin. It does get frustrating.

      I know what type of body I want, but have three weeks to wait before the doll con. There I'll look around, and if I don't find what I want, I'll wait to order one later this year. I already have the outfit, just one pair of red leggings to get. Red is such a hard color to find! There are some on Etsy, but I have to order from Eastern Europe. Nothing wrong with that, except shipping costs for something very inexpensive. I could sew my own, and will try if I get a body at the con. How did it get so hard just to get leggings?
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    19. Well there used to be BeachGirlNikita but she doesn't make doll clothes anymore. She was my go to for leggings and other basics.
      It's going to be a new body, but I have to hope that the company will send it sooner than the three month wait for a finished blushed and faceupped doll.

      Edit: He's here! I snapped a pic of him next to his "sister".
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    20. :D one of the few cases where a dramatic difference in eye size between sculpts of the same scale actually looks good! (and intentional, and stylistically interesting)
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