Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. Awww, a thread for Peabody <3 and Wol! I've had a Peabody for a while now and love her:

      [​IMG]Fiona by blablette1, sur Flickr

      I've hybrided her on a Bluefairy body and given her Dollfamily hands. She's my little adventurer. ^_^
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    2. @Rosslyn Gosh I love your hybrid idea! Also those two together look fantastic!

      @Blablette Omg she is gorgeous! So nice to Peabody as a girl!

      Still no news on my end on any of my two, post has eaten them :lol:
    3. Thanks! These two may never run into each other "in story" but I like seeing how an artist's work varies even when it's built on the same base. I just love both their faces for daring to be so distinctive!

      She looks great! I love her little crown. I was hoping we'd attract some of the Peabody owners out there to join us here!

      Thanks! Now I just have to try to hope that LUTS sends a body in less time than a faceupped doll....
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    4. Yeah! I also love her crown. She looks like she's having a good day :)
    5. A little more Wol for the thread. I took some more snapshots of Aspen.
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    6. Aspen looks so much like a Birch tree come to life. The trim used for the wig is absolutely perfect, it does look like Birch leaves. Every time is see Aspen, I'm amazed all over again.
    7. Aw, thank you very much!
    8. Right, I did it... I pre-ordered two Wol heads in tan. Now to see if the tan preorder goes through... if it does, I'm planning on putting them on a Doll Chateau K-18 body.
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    9. Yay! That's going to look so cool!

      Next day Edit: I put the materials for making a hard wigcap on my Peabody sculpt, and then I was sad because while the glue for that is drying I can't be making him his dorky aviator cap- and then I remembered he and Wol have matched head bases! So Aspen got to help me make a Hat-Wig.

      This is a fun way to make a wig if you're not sewing savvy. You make or find a hat that fits, then hotglue hair thinly into the inside so that it looks like a hat on top of a full wig. I am testing different hair materials, and if I decide I don't like this stuff I'll pull it out and replace it with Suri Alpaca.

      The next step with this will be to make horns. My Peabody is going to be a Tiefling.
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    10. @Rosslyn I adore your girl, she looks so extremly perfect with that body <3


      Also Kendra is homeee <3
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    11. oh WOW! :aeyepop::D she's amazing
    12. that dress!


    13. Yes, wow! Amazing! :love

      I hope the pre order is successful. I see 5 have sold, and two are tan, one is peach, the other two? I really want a Wol the more I see the beautiful ones here.
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    14. Thank you! And same to you, hehe! Wow she looks amazing! That dress is perfect, too. Are you going to paint her wings yourself?
    15. @Roterwolkenvogel I have to agree with everyone before me--that dress/wig/face up design looks absolutely stunning!
    16. Thank you all for your kind words :D <3

      @Rosslyn god no, me and paint is a no no :lol: I am lucky enough that I have Ara as a bestie who is always willing to airbrush my stuff xD
    17. LOL, I see! For my dolly friends, I am that friend, though I haven't progressed to airbrush just yet. (I just need to get around to learning how to do that one of these days).
    18. Airbrush is awesome! I am so glad she got one years ago or I'd have a lot less dolls xD (like my centaurs, no way I'd have gotten them blushed without an airbrush... or my weapon arsenal)
    19. This is me passing by with some Fiona spam! ^_^
      Today is our National Holiday and we went out for a pic nic. She was the perfect doll to take with. <3

      [​IMG]Fiona by blablette1, sur Flickr
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