Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      Double post! Cause Kendra got a new wig and is finally a worthy nemesis to Pazuzu :lol:
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    2. WOW I love it!!She looks amazing!
      (and thank you for the well wishes. I see a specialist in two weeks and hopefully I'll get some answers.)
      Meanwhile I am trying to design a tiefling appropriate faceup for Archer my Peabody and getting nowhere yet.
    3. Yes, Kendra is gorgeous!

      It's now October so my Wol head could be ready any day, or so I hope!
    4. Here's the slow progress on this boy. (old Model Delf body, NS. It's an exact match to the naked eye but NOT to the camera so I'm still working on him.)
    5. I got a shipping notice for my Wol head today!
      I’ve forgotten what character I had planned, so now I’ll just come up with a new one. At least I have a body for it, but nothing else.
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    6. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with character-wise. I'll have to keep an eagle eye on Armeleia's Etsy store to see if she has any spares. as I missed the pre-order.
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    7. Mine's shipped as well! I don't have a plan for his character yet, just his aesthetic, but he won't have his Dollzone body for a while, so I've got some time to plan
    8. My Wol head is here! It’s so wonderful! I love the resin, so smooth. The normal skin is a beautiful color too. Unfortunately I’m ill, so I can’t enjoy it as much as I want. I can at least sit and admire it. As it got closer to the estimated arrival time, an new name kept popping up. Blue. Just Blue. I was still wondering why that name, but the resin S hook protector (the little C shaped piece of resin with crystals sculpted on it) is blue! ‘Nuff said.
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    9. Blue and I decided we won’t be using the RS body. Nothing wrong with the body, it just isn’t ‘special ‘ enough. So, I like the DZ male body with the heart design. Now to raise funds for the new body and wait like, half a year for it to arrive. :...(
    10. My Wol is going on a DZ male body too! He's getting the B45-018 in tan, I ordered back in August and I'm so ready for it to come in. I just finished my layaway, so now the real wait begins.

      And, bonus points, when the head arrived I started to get a handle on his character! I may try and write something to get him properly settled while I wait for his body. I've also realized his wig super isn't going to work, so it might try making one? We shall see
    11. @GracefulWings that’s great! And tan was my second choice, so I’m super excited to seeing your Wol! Too bad about the wig you got. I read finding wigs to fit is an issue due to the head shape. I have one I bought for my Wol, but it was for the old character, and is black and red. His new character is named Blue, so..sigh. I haven’t even tried it on. At least the eyes I picked fit. They were a free pair of glass eyes in brown with pink around the pupil. After having them in the eye box for years, I get to use them!
    12. I've managed the wig issue by making wigs- one stretchy cap, one hardcap wig for my two Seed Dolls.
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    13. @kurogane It wasn't necessarily a fit issue, it just doesn't suit him at all. I'm just not ready to spend the money on another wig for him just yet, and it's been tricky trying to find one I like for him
    14. So I'm a fool and neglected to actually post any pictures of him, here he is with the eyes he stole!

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    15. @GracefulWings Nice! Love the tan color, and eye choice.

      I’ve decided to keep the RS body for now, but will get a DZ body next year. At least having a body will make the wait easier.

      I’m also going to look at yarn today to make my own wig. I’m looking for something unique. There is something about these heads that seem to attract uniqueness. Every Wol or Peabody I’ve seen is so special!
    16. Congrats on all these Wols <3

      Meanwhile, my Peabody is back! I had assumed they'd take male form but alas, it was the female version (tl;dr: they can switch genders, perks of being some eternal being). Meet Selphiel:

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    17. @GracefulWings no worries--I keep forgetting to even post that I got a Wol head! :doh
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    18. @Jitterbug42 Can't wait to see yours, what resin color did you get?