Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. Looks great so far! Do you have body plans?

      They look amazing! I love the coppery makeup. It's really cool how the Peabody head, and the Wol, really can have such a flexible look. So much variety here! I feel like the uniqueness of the sculpts inspires creativity.

      Oh yay! What color is yours?

      edit: Jon Archer here is getting his faceup. I'm not quite done with it but it's coming along. I've used faux opals for his eyes.
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    2. @Rosslyn I do! I just finished a layaway for a tan Dollzone B45-018, so now I'm waiting for a shipping notice
    3. @Rosslyn @GracefulWings funny story--I actually got the artist cast that I just barely missed out on buying a while back. It's a tan head with copper glitter :love just too pretty for words
    4. Those are exquisite, I can't wait to see what you wind up doing with it!
    5. @GracefulWings I'm just a simple girl who loves greek mythology too much--I'm going to try to build her a harpy body!:XD:*_*
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    7. @Jitterbug42 omg good idea! Wol looks awesome with claws, couldn't imagine mine without!
    8. @Rosslyn @GracefulWings I'm glad you both like the idea! I was afraid it would feel overdone--but I'm otherwise super pumped to try this

      @Roterwolkenvogel Thank you! Your girl is actually the reason I fell in love with the sculpt to begin with!
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    9. I really hope there's a second preorder for Wol. I love the sculpt so much!
    10. I think that will all depend on how much demand Armeleia gets for another order.
    11. Sorry, forgot to post about my Wol. :sigh
      I’ve decided to keep the Resinsoul body for now, and at least have the permanent eyes and wig. I’ve been working on Valerian’s (third name, hope this one stays) clothes. I made a jacket which matches his eyes and wig and am sewing his pants right now. I just love his face so much! That nose is so unique.
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    12. [​IMG]
      Progress on my peabody's faceup. I can't get a shot that doesn't have him looking really bobbleheaded because of how phone cameras focus so you'll have to wait until he's done and gets a glamour shoot to see him properly.
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    13. Guys guys, Armeleia is making more Wols!
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    14. @Rosslyn I adore your guy :D

      @Blablette I love how your Peabody always looks so serene <3

      Finally a pic of Kendra with her fabulous claws <3
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    15. Aw thank you! I've got Archer his wig made now so he should get some new pics soon. Kendra looks aMAZing with her outfit!!
    16. This thread gives me life!
      I have plans to get a Wol my only real issue is that when she releases them i can never pick on (because i like them all) and they sell out before i can figure out which one to get LOL!
      It looks like body options are pretty good though.
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    17. Thank you for my Peabody, Roterwokenvogel, and my, my, your Wol looks fierce (but somehow all your dolls do! :D)
    18. Hi all. I just wanted to share my Peabody, even though he's without face or hair at the moment. I'm having a heck of a time figuring out his hair color and style. He's just going by Peabody for now, because I don't really know who he is. He sure is cute though!

      [​IMG]Seed Dolls Peabody. by stuartsmycat, on Flickr
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