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Selling your dolls, do you ever buy a sculpt back?

Dec 4, 2018

    1. I... have considered it.

      My first doll was a Pukifee Ante and I absolutely loved him. I even kept his faceplate and intend to make him a plush body someday.

      The problem is that some dolls I adore but can't bond with, and he's one of them. Someday I might get an MNF or Littlefee Ante in a moment of weakness, but I just don't like cutesy sculpts in practice, so I doubt it would work out long term.
    2. No, I have never done this so far. I only am kind of sad about the sale of my Iplehouse Chad, because I loved his headsculpt. But as he was on the not very good EID 1st generation body, the only way to get rid of him was to sell the complete doll.

      But I have no real desire to rebuy him, as I found many other dolls which I love much more than him. So all is good.
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    3. Now that I have a faceup artist I really like, there are a lot of dolls I have sold that I want to buy back again. I have gotten back the Elfdoll Bambu that I sold a while ago (this time she has a body that matches!) and sent her off, and she came back so amazing! Now I am casually looking for a few others. Also, I used to get really nervous and guilty when my collection was nearing 20 dolls, but now that I make more money and have a stable job (with pension, woot), I don’t really feel like I need to worry.
    4. I am very guilty of this :sweat
      There are few sculpts that I constantly sell and buy back, due to my futile attempts to quit hobby, decluttering, needing cash, thinking that I have fully explored the sculpt but wasn't, etc.
      It's mostly Volks Tae, Michele, SWD Nana, and Yugiri. :doh
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    5. I have sold and bought the same sculpt(s) a few times as I've picked the wrong resin colour the first time round.

      For example I bought a DC Sexta shortly after the green resin colour was announced as I got a little over excited about the new offering. He has since left because he just didn't look right to me in that colour. I plan to buy him again but this time in white or grey.
    6. I did it two times but I finally sold them again. It was a Soom Beryl and a Dollmore Momo.
    7. I haven't sold any of my dolls specifically because I don't want to end up hunting for the same sculpts when I finally have a feasible concept for them. There are a few heads that are just sitting around while I wait for the right inspiration. It took me almost a year to figure out what to do with one doll, so it can take time.
    8. I've regretted selling every sculpt except the bodies.
      I tend to sell when I'm depressed and low on money, and regret it almost right after I send it off, or start feeling better...:sigh
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    9. I have never sold a doll but if I ever do I don't think I would buy it back. I'm very emotional, if I part with a doll that means we dont click so I wouldn't have a reason to buy it back.
    10. Personally, I only regret one of my boy. I've sold him because I wanted to stop the hobby and save money for my studies, but he was very special to me. I've worked a lot on his faceup, I've sculpted his nose.. But I think I only miss his faceplate, so maybe I will buy him back and do something similar, I don't know, I'm currently thinking about it.
    11. I've never rebought a doll I sold. By the time I get ready to sell them, my need for that doll is gone & I don't want to have it any longer. There are too many beautiful dolls for me to buy one I've had before.
    12. SO far no. Though I have been a little bit tempted. But there was a reason I sold them in the first place.
    13. I've sold a ton of dolls. Some I've bought the mold again later. Breakdown of this:

      - Had a Volks Arashi, sold him, later bought another Arashi and ended up selling him again. I keep wanting to get another but the MSD size just isn't my thing and I know he'll end up going again...
      - Had an oldskin Volks F-08 head on a CP girl body that I sold. Earlier this year I bought a secondhand F-05(The pureskin, smalled headed version of the same mold). She's doing good here so far but I need to get her a proper wig and a good cleaning and a new faceup.
      - Had a Luts Delf Angel Elf Soo that I sold. Bought an AES head earlier this year when one came up for sale but I haven't been able to find a matching body and it's made it hard to bond.
      - Had a whiteskin FCS F-24(Link) that I sold. Last year I got a oneoff Link from Y!J because I missed Lukas and his snootiness. An odd case in that while I have the second one if the original doll came up for sale I'd likely buy it again if I had the money at the time. I still kind of regret selling him.

      That I haven't re-bought but might if I found one: Souldoll Eckstine. He has such a delightfully weird face and I miss it.
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    14. So far no. Sometimes I am tempted when I see how beautifully someone has done up sculpts I have sold off before.
    15. I haven't to date, but I would love to have a Doll Chateau Christina again. Beautiful sculpt, and I miss having her (as does my dark elf soo, but she;ll have to get over it. Other than her, I've only sold one male body. I would own it again, but i wouldn't actively try to. I'm trying to sell a doll and head, now, and I might want another head like the one I'm trying to sell at a later date. Other than that, no.
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    16. My first doll was a soom Cheshire who I absolutely hated and couldn’t bond with at all. But I got a body for my floating head who had a soom Cheshire head and I actually like having him around. At first I wanted to get him out as soon as possible but I’m having trouble selling him now
    17. I bought a Delf Miyu after wanting one for a long time a few years ago, but once I had her in person something just didn't mesh right so I sold her shortly after. Earlier this year I bought just a Delf Miyu head, thinking I'd give it one more go since I love everyone else's Miyus so much, but I'm having the same problem! :doh Even had her up for sale once but took the thread down and decided to give her one more try. Nope. Listing her again as soon as I'm done with school for the summer.

      Also, I'd buy my first doll, a Pukifee Zoe, back in a heartbeat. Only the exact one I had though, for sentimental reasons. I sold her because I had wrongly assumed I was done with the hobby :/
    18. I've sold a Dollzone Carter because the pink resin didnt work out for me

      While I haven't bought another yet I'd love to get one in white or grey in the future, either of those colors would work much better with my idea! :3c
    19. Not yet, but I hope one day I will rebuy one special sculpt i had to part with. But for sure it will be different character than the one I had.
    20. I put in a good amount of consideration before buying a doll so I hardly have to sell one, but those I had sold didn't quite fit in even though I loved their sculpts. That's why I won't be buying back unless there's some major changes made to my doll collection.