Serenade Doll

Feb 3, 2015

    1. It can't be Krishna because he would have a blue skin and only 2 arms. No idea why the artist gave that name, but I do like the doll, Serenade artistes are really good and imaginative, I like them a lot.
    2. You’re right, and I think she would fit Lakshmi better. Do you have more pictures of your beautiful Suu and rabbit to share? How do you find their posability?
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    3. Well posability is great, but I had the bad luck to get one which stringing was too weak (like Ursi wrote on this link, because she had my own doll with her at the time).
      My Suu has been restringed since and I should get her in a few day, the boy who did the job says she poses really great now. :D

      I wil take more picture when she is back home and post it here.
    4. Serenade's proportions really suit the 4-arm aesthetic well... wish there were more pictures, though! Especially of her posing.
    5. About the posing : I do agree, I wonder if the weight of 4 arms does not limit the ability of the doll to stand up by itself ?
    6. This thread has been quiet for awhile lately, but I figured I'd update it by saying I placed an order for Joan. I am really excited to get her! I got her in white skin because their white seems more "normal" to me. Their normal seems quite yellow in the photos (or maybe it is lighting)?

      If anyone who still has these dolls, I'd love to see them! :)
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    7. You did great! their white is beautiful, and get light ivory during the first year, then, the color stay the same. It does not get yellow at all.

      One question to those who bought Serenade stand : do you have problem to keep your doll standing when with the XL heels ?
      Because my stand can't hold the doll with the XL legs, even with Serenade shoes (from the Emperess) and I am very upset about this.
      I wonder if this is my own stand which has this problem, or is that with all their stands ?
      I have had my doll for more than a year, but got the XL heels only few months ago and was to take photos to day to post here when I've discovered this problem.
      Means no photo of Suu standing with her XL heels, only photos of her siting on her Serenade chair :ablink:
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    8. Thank you for the confirmation, @Abell! :D

      I have some extra high heel feet and the Serenade stand, so I can check for you when I get around to switching her legs.

      I am so jealous that you have the chair, though. It is beautiful!!
    9. Yes, the chair is really beautiful, and one can use it for any doll, even my Marmite Sue poses very well on it and she is just 38 cm!

      I am to write to them asking if they are ready to produce a boy, would be so great, I would like to make it looking like singer Dimash Kudaibergen, he has such a beautiful face and he some time dresses the way I love : with long coat, etc. It's the new M.J. but with the Asian look. Would be great to have such a male doll to dress :love
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    10. Bunny is very unusual! Stylish girls.
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    11. Thanks! yes this is a great mold, and she takes good poses and is fun to dress too :lol:
    12. Happy New Year to everyone. i completely forgot about this thread ^^
      the most recent photo with Hanmei
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    13. She's very pretty, @xatshe!

      I recently created a Serenade Doll group on Facebook since it's so much easier to share photos there. Suu is such a great mold - glad so many people have her, so I can see her!
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    14. Happy NYE to you too dear @xatshe! I can see Hanmei is still looking like a diva!

      @honeyedbiscuit : I am not on FB, but you had a great idea, because Serenade dolls do not show often enough, we need to show those beautiful dolls more and more, also your choice for Joan is very good, I am myself tentated too, but I've just bought Venus (Marmite Sue) and still wait for a normal Pasha, so money is getting short :nowords:

      Please let us know as soon as you get your Joan, would love to see her!
    15. By the way : great news, Jacob (the big white bird) has finally asked for Suu's hand (yes he is in love and wants to marry her) but, as you see, he did not wait for Suu to say yes to take her hand :lol:

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    16. thank you!
      i have my own bjd page on FB, so i'll put some tag for my post with #serenadedoll hashtag ^^

      she's goddess, as it's written in my story, so yes ^^ thank you dear!

      and i'm happy for your girl, Mr. Jacob pretty awesome!
    17. D'Buck was due for a photoshoot. I love him to bits.

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    18. Hi!
      I understand so well you love him that much, this sculpt allows so many different projects! I love mine too a lot.
      Congratulation for your beautiful D'Buck :)
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    19. Just saw this doll company and I’m totally in love! Wish the bodies can be bought seperately and can they be hybridized with a regular SD head? Because I have a floating head in need of this beautiful body :D
    20. Why not ask ? They do sell heads separately, so they might sell bodies too ? Also you can always buy a full doll and sale the head once you've got it ? I am interested to get a Joan head but it does not say if one can get the head alone (each head is sold for 90$, I have a rabbit head and a Suu's one which I bought later separately, so, if you were to buy a Joan, I could buy you the head :)
      But you have to make sure your floating head much this body ? have a look at the size neck first!