Serenade Doll

Feb 3, 2015

    1. @indollgence Their dolls are amazing, aren't they?! I wish they'd do a second release for Artificial Bird... As for hybriding, keep in mind that the head is 1/6 scale. Their heads are very, very small!

      @Abell Serenade will sell heads individually only if you have purchased one of their previous dolls, but it looks like it only applies for basic dolls. They seem to be pretty strict about that since their limiteds are always excluded from the winter event (even if you buy a limited doll, you can't get the discount or the free head :/). I wanted to get one of their full set dolls like the Emperor but didn't want that head.:sweat The Suu head on that would be gorgeous though...!
    2. Well, allow me to not agree about the "very very small" head, as my Suu is wearing Normal Pasha hat, wigs and sun glasses, and normal Pasha is not known has having a "very small head", in fact Serenade heads are very well proportionate with their body. There is only 4cm of difference between Normal Pasha and Serenade dolls and this comes mainly because of Serenade longer legs and neck.
      Yes I would have love the Emperor full set too, but as you, I prefer Suu's head :)
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    3. @Abell I think @honeyedbiscuit was saying the heads are small compared to the usual SD heads available from most companies. For example a spare feeple60 head I have lying around is wider than my Serenade girls shoulders so unfortunately it would make it difficult to hybrid with the more traditional SD proportions. @indollgence, if you let us know the dimensions of your floating head we might able to help give you an idea of what it might look like?
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    4. Hi, @Scoops! Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, thank you so much for clarifying. :)

      Hi, @Abell - I wasn't saying that Serenade dolls are not proportional to their bodies at all. I am talking about making a hybrid with most 1:3 dolls where people are looking for an SD-sized body for a floating head. The more recent Russian aesthetic of Pasha Pasha and Popovy dolls would be much more forgiving with creating a hybrid with the Serenade body, but I would assume that most people are not looking to make a hybrid with those dolls given how nicely sculpted/well-posing those bodies are.

      To be clearer with my initial comment, SD-sized dolls have typically been at the 1:3 scale. Serenade Doll heads are on 1:6 scale. To put this into perspective, Barbie and Monster High are 1:6. Barbie has a smaller head than the Serenade head, but the Monster High heads are bigger. When comparing a Serenade doll to most of the 1:3 BJDs, the proportions would be off. My Volks, PW's, CH, and even DC dolls look very strange when compared to my Nova. I can't even get one of their eyes into my Serenade's head before taking up more than half the space in the head. Even with my DIM MSD head, I think the proportions still look completely off with the Serenade body.
    5. Oh I don’t have plans to buy one soon because yes I agree with you I first have to do research if the body will be proportioned to the head I have. Thank you for the offer! I’ll keep that in mind :D

    6. Yes their heads are small compared to the regular SD heads but some are saying the serenade doll head is sort of small for the body so the body can still work for regular sized heads that’s why I’m kinda keeping my hopes up haha :XD:
    7. Hi! It’s a Doll Adore Panda Workshop Yvetta head. I’ve seen this photo of it on a Doll Chateau body (not sure which one exactly, oobiedoll captioned it saying it’s a DC youth body) that’s why I considered Serenade Doll. I like Serenade’s body’s aesthetic much more than Doll Chateau’s or Dollzone’s.


      I don’t mind the bobbleheaded-ness of it. The character I have for her is not a human anyway. :3nodding:
    8. You’re in luck; I actually have a photo comparison of the DC youth body (which is the center one in the photo you posted) with a Serenade body. The head on my DC body is Stacy. She has all the extra joints on her body:

      Miss Biscuit on Instagram: “And a color photo; fighting so hard to get some light . @echoundine_ . #dollchateau #serenadedoll #abjd #bjds #balljointeddoll…”
    9. Ohhh is that the same body? I just searched doll chateau and the body on the picture I posted is the discontinued youth body version 1.

      Edit: Yup I checked and they’re not the same. Your Stacy is on a Y-Body-03 which is 68cm. The Yvetta head is on the discontinued Y-Body-01 which is around 60cm. :)
    10. It’s the same body without the extra joints. The hands and feet parts are different too (not jointed), but the base body is the same. :)
    11. I just checked and the proportions are way off like on the 01 body the shoulder width is just 6cm and on the 03 it’s 10.5cm. Even the breast, waist, and hip measurements are different. :aeyepop: They don’t seem to be the same bodies. I’m basing everything via photos and measurements from the website.

      But anyway, thanks for the input!
    12. Oh wow so what was told to me is totally inaccurate. Sorry about that! It looks like the old Y-01 had more similar top proportions to the kid body. The neck and shoulder measurement are wider than the K-01 which I do have. If that’s the case, it looks like it may work!
    13. Aaaahhh that gives me a little bit of hope! It’s really quite difficult to research on sculpts/bodies that aren’t popular like the head I have and Serenade Doll isn’t mainstream.. yet. :lol:
    14. Need some help : I am looking for a child bjd same scale as Serenade, any idea ?
      Thanks! :hug:
    15. i wonder.. does anyone have serenadedoll and dream valley msd girl, for example silence of hyaline? i want to know how they will look next to each other...*_*

      and photo just in case off top question
      [​IMG]epsilon_s by Natalie, on Flickr
    16. I have both @xatshe. My DV body currently has a different head, are you interested in the proportions of the DV heads or just the bodies? Below is a really quick photo I grabbed but I'm happy to help out with what you need :3nodding:.
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    17. thank you! i like that DV body doesn't look very big! :D
      i'm looking for proportions of the msd head (ideally of heads Silence or Hyaline) next to any Serenade girl head:kitty1
    18. [​IMG]
      Here you go, DV Hyaline (eyes currently being modded open) next to Serenade Elizabeth Sp :3nodding:
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    19. oh wow!!! thank you so much! you really help me:hug:
    20. I just saw these the other day, Krishna is totally amazing!