Serenade Doll

Feb 3, 2015

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    1. Serenade emailed me saying my order was ready for shipping...! Ahhh, it feels surreal when that day actually comes.

      I ordered Joan as well as numerous extra parts for her and my Nova. I hope she comes home safely and quickly!
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    2. Congratulations!!!! you'r going to be very happy for sure and their delivery system is very fast, about a week.
      My friend want a resin chair from them, do you know if they still have some for sell ?
    3. Thank you, Abell! I will try to post her here on DoA.

      I don't think they have anymore chairs sadly. I wanted to get one myself, but I noticed on all of their full sets, the resin chair option is greyed out/unavailable. :( . Maybe they will make more or have extras if you message?

      I think I still owe you a photo of the high heel part in the stand... Were you able to get it to work? I will try to do it this weekend if you still need an answer. Work has been so busy this year that I haven't had a lot of time to play with parts!
    4. Update on my order:

      I received it today. Turns out, my order did not ship as stated, which is fine, but I would've preferred communication about it...

      I filmed a box opening, but I realized I don't like doing them because of the possibility of disappointment when it comes to the order. Anyway, I'll debate if I post it, but in the mean time, I am missing items from my order. I don't understand why companies don't include packing slips because if you have a large order, almost always, something is left out if there isn't a packing slip.

      I'm pretty upset about the missing items because Serenade, at least in the past, have offered refunds. I don't want a refund; I just want what I paid for. The stand, for me, is critical. It also bumped up my order into the next bracket of shipping, so if they insist on refunding, I am going to ask to be refunded the additional shipping.

      My doll came with a faceup and was carefully wrapped, but there are black marks all over her face. Just UGH. They included a small sticker with pencil writing on it, and it got all over the head. Again, I don't understand why companies do stuff like this.

      I emailed them, so I'll see what they say. It's super hard to not be put off or soured by this. -___-
    5. Turned the head into a Rabbit Mask for Kensett, my Granado Napoleon.
      [​IMG]Mask by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    6. Hi there <3
      I wanted to buy a Nun, and wondering if they are still in activity as they have done nothing since 2018 on their website?
    7. I'd suggest contacting them on the Q&A board on their page. They haven't updated the site, but it looks like they're still answering questions. (The latest one was in Feb 2020).
      Hope you're able to get Nun!
    8. But the Pop is from 2019 ? or am I wrong ?
      You can always buy from Christina cheng, (- Powered by ECShop) I did order some Serenade items about a month ago.
      If you buy directly from the shop Cristina is offering free shipping I think;
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    9. [​IMG]
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