Dec 8, 2019

    1. I have been extremely curious about these strange little dolls for awhile now. From what I could gather, Serendipity went under quite awhile ago and the dolls rarely seem to make an appearance these days. But at one point they had a somewhat decent level of popularity among collectors.

      Obviously, there is some information on the wiki page that gives a general overview but I was curious if there are any old school collectors out there that have memories of these dolls and the company that produced them. And if you own one, or previously owned one, I would be very interested in hearing how you feel about them!

      I am currently on the lookout for a Sharmin and any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    2. They are beautiful little girls, there was also a boy released in the beginning. They were the first true slimmini other than Unoa, I brought my Sharmin and Alice from Serendipity in 2005, they were also available from Dollndoll and then later Dollmore brought them back but only released a couple of the sculpts from what I can remember. There were a couple of very limited releases but none of them where made in very big quantities. My girls came with COA's which in those days was very unusual and both say limited edition of 100.
      I have seen a couple for sale recently, one on ebay, the other on instagram.
    3. Around 2004/05 they were everywhere, especially Sharmin, then the company closed around 2006. They are actually slimmer than Unoas and Minifees, less curvy, they wear Tonner size clothes.

      I have one of the original, non limited, releases from Dollmore. Her CoA reads 2004. If you're interested on poseability you need to keep in mind there are two body versions, but I wasn't into the new one so I can't talk about it. It's the same as the DollnDoll Diamond body if you want more informations.
      The body is single jointed so arms and legs can only bend 90°, she stands great though very solid. Prepare yourself for discoloration, I had to fully blush mine because some parts had turned white. The heads are very small and narrow, might need some skill to place eyes.

      Serendipity Noel was the first doll I wished to own when I got into the hobby, so it has quite a sentimental value attached for me.
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    4. My friend had a Sharmin but sold her some years ago now she came on many outings with us and my dolls, she was quite yellowed due to her age but my friend did a great job on getting rid of the yellowing.