ShinyDOLL Discussion thread II

May 25, 2012

    1. @SFC Marti, true, but a good height
      to fiddle with things in the house since
      it's a bit upraised in style, and one won't
      need to crouch down so much.
      But indeed, perhaps buy a new house
      or garage or two to keep it in.. ;)

      btw! Anyone with tabi feet for their Thaasa..
      Do you have any photos of regular feet
      next to tabi feet? Or just plain measurement
      differences? Because the tabi feet should
      have slightly wider toes, if they are more
      "fanned" out?

      I guess an alternative is to make tabi socks
      that have fake split does in the front,
      and then place those in suitably sized
      Japanese footwear.. I think I saw something
      mentioned about this before, but unsure
      if I ever saw photos.

      Or, that one attempts to file a tabi sock split
      in the normal feet.. but potentially very risky :/
    2. I was prowling the web for Shinydoll Thaasa bodies..
      and contacted Obiedoll shop, and was told Shin-san
      has retired :(

      I just mailed back to ask when exactly this was,
      but her mailbox seems full at the moment.

      Because this not something I was aware of
      since before.. or has it been posted elsewhere
      on DoA and I have missed it?

      Has anyone else heard anything?

      This is the notice on the Oobie Doll webby:
      "It is with a heavy heart that I must let you know of Shiny Doll's decision to close his doors. Shiny Doll will no longer be partnering with his dealers, but I am hopeful he may continue to work at a pace of his own. He will be missed and I wish him all my best, xoxox."
    3. No, I had not heard this miravisu but thank you for sharing. I also hope Shinydoll will continue to make dolls- they are so unique in the bjd world!
    4. After only being able to envision Tuyen with clear irises for years, I finally took the plunge with some new steam punk-y eyes:


      They turn her eyelashes gold :)
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    5. @Saba, wow! She certainly looks out of this world :)
      What size/type are those?

      And good news from me too,
      my Thaasa is back from the resin spa :D
    6. thanks miravisu! Her eyes are made by Fairy BJD I purchased them from the Seller at a local doll meet, they were 12mm low dome urethane if I remember correctly. Yay for your girl being home from the spa^^!
    7. Sadly, an acquaintance of mine died awhile back, and her BJD collection is being liquidated on eBay -- including a Shinydoll Youki (whom I bought back, since she had originally belonged to me), Akali with faceup, and blank Feefee. I know a lot of DoA members automatically distrust eBay, but in these particular cases, the dolls are definitely legit and the seller has proven to be trustworthy.

      I hope it's okay for me to mention that the auctions are up, since I have nothing to do with them except feeling sentimental about the dolls and the lovely person who owned them. It would be nice to see Akali and Feefee go to good homes. I'm enjoying having Sumie the Youki home again!

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    8. @Saba, thanks for the info!

      I want to try and make older style kitsuke outfit
      for my Thaasa doll. Like an Edo travel outfit.
      So many projects, so little time though, as usual!

      @Cynthia in FlintHills, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend :(

      The Doll Chateau Olivia head (I think at least) with the really
      slantered eyes, on that Thaasa body that I see up on eBay
      now, was a really lovely combo.

      And hello there, Sumie! :)
    9. @Cynthia in FlintHills I'm very sorry about your friend. Thank you for the mention of the auctions, though. I was able to buy both Akali and Feefee. I hope I can give them a good home. :)
    10. Oh, how fantastic!! I saw that Feefee sold (I was a tiny bit tempted by her myself, so I watched the auction), but I wasn't watching the Akali auction. Hooray for good "old" dolls finding a new home! :sumomo:
    11. They're beautiful girls, I was so happy to get them! I was originally just going to get FeeFee, but I thought she might want her sister. :) Thank you again for mentioning them!
    12. My Akali, Kikuno, would have been terribly hurt if I had forced a twin on her, so I stuck to just re-buying Sumie the Youki. ;) I think Leslie would have been glad to know that her dolls were getting a new lease on life! I don't know why I hadn't remembered it until today, but her DoA username was (well, is, since DoA doesn't delete user accounts) ltbeeswax.
    13. A friend who has Akali said the same thing, that her Akali refused to have a twin. Akalis are apparently strong-minded :lol:
      I'm glad I can give the girls a home! First up is putting a faceup on Feefee.
    14. @Alewife I hope you share your new girls in the thread, congratulations!

      @Cynthia in FlintHills how sad the circumstances for you, but lovely that you were able to re-welcome Youki.

      My Akali Tuyen tried to have a twin sister once:
      It didn't last very long :( (Tuyen is on the left with what I think is the Akali 'A' head, her 5 minute twin on the right had the Akali 'B' head).
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    15. Reviving this awesome thread with my Akali and Hikali sisters: Chihiro and Jin-ri.
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    16. They're both so pretty! I'm so sorry Shin-san isn't making dolls any more.
    17. I adore my ShinyDoll Yakki. I really like that she can wear Robert Tonner's 22" American model clothing and Dollmore's MSD shoes.
    18. Yes, I read about that and it made me so sad, although I had suspected it for a while.
      I vowed to try and buy any Shinydoll I see on the market in the future. :aninja:
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    19. Speaking of which, does anyone know which sculpt this is?
      It looks like a very early one. I haven't been able to find her anywhere, but she looks similar to Youki.
    20. I'm not sure, but I think it's a Conone. As I recall, this was one of the earliest, if not the earliest, of the Shinydoll sculpts. It was discontinued a long time ago.