Sideshow Collectibles: Court of the Dead BJDs

Jul 26, 2019

    1. I think the price was only until midnight last night :/ but it’s still cheaper than buying from sideshow I think. Good Luck you know you need her ;P
    2. I got an email from Sideshow saying that production was delayed. That stinks, but it's nice to get an email saying so. December/January it is!
    3. I didn’t get any email but I ordered through popcultcha so maybe they were informed but didn’t let me know et?
    4. I just preordered a blank Muse of Bone, and it definitely seems like they'll be shipping around December or January.

      I'm interested to see if the blank muses are that lovely semi-translucent resin the full set dolls are.

      I feel like finding shoes for these girls is going to be hard though...
    5. I got another email delaying final payment recently, anyone else finding all the delays a little concerning?
    6. I've been following their Facebook and saw no mention of delays, which is extra-concerning. Normally, companies are more up-front about that. I've been waiting to see owner photos before I decide whether I'm keen or not, and started to wonder why I was only seeing their official collaboration/early releases to artists being shown on the page.
    7. It really is kind of concerning. I've been waffling for months over buying Muse of Flesh, and I kept expecting the dilemma to be solved with a 'sold out' notice on the website...but instead, they're still willing to take four part layaways starting now on dolls that were limited to 200. Maybe sales were not as good as expected, so they're stalling until more have been sold...? It's a pretty small niche; these dolls are definitely not going to appeal to the BJD collecting crowd that only gravitates toward "pretty," e.g., Fairlyand and such, and your average figurine collector is not going to understand the concept of spending $700 on a doll...especially since they're original sculpts rather than familiar, licensed material with a preexisting fan base.
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    8. Uh I confess I've not yet ordered one of these (the cash that was going to be the first payment on one of the muses got spent rather impulsively on the epic Rocinante/Expanse kickstarter), but...

      These sort of delays really aren't uncommon in collectible action figure /statue land. From other things I've bought from them Sideshow are a pretty decent retailer as far as that end of the collectibles hobby goes?
    9. Sideshow is a very well known and respected company. No reason to worry. They aren't going to run off with your money. Hopefully, there will be updates soon though.
    10. No worries here either. I have purchased from them before where there have been delays. I figure it's par for the course. lol
    11. Completely agree with the above 3 comments. I have something on pre-order from Sideshow (not a BJD) not due in until around April of next year, but I'm fully prepared for it to be delayed. Delays from companies that produce statues and 1/6 figures are normal.
    12. I got notice that my final payment would be processed and my Muse of Bone will be shipped next week!! Yay!!:dance:cheer:celebrate
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    13. Congrats! I hope you will post her when she arrives - I'm really looking forward to seeing owner pics of these girls!
    14. Same!
      I'm a little conflicted because it means my doll will be delivered to my office right in the middle of my medical leave (hand surgery is scheduled for the 4th) so while I won't be able to do anything with her anyway and I'll have to make someone come into the office with me to get her (which no one wants to do), I really should get her right away to make sure she wasn't damaged in transit, because the likelihood of getting replacement parts is better if I'm able to inform the company immediately. but it still means bullying someone into taking me to the office to get her :sigh
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    15. I went to the page for the blank Muse of Bone and it looks like they added some photos. The box looks awesome, and they have a picture showing the eye putty included. :lol: So excited....I keep going back to look at her. I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas too much!
      @Girrl I hope for a quick recovery from your surgery! Could you contact sideshow and have them change the shipping address to your home? Or is it that you don't have a way to accept packages at home?
    16. Oh wow these are incredibly cool. I personally love the Bone one
    17. Bingo. We live literally across the street from the ocean, which is usually great and all, but the super humid, super corrosive, salty and sandy conditions mean the call box for our building rarely works so deliveries either get left on the sidewalk outside (and stolen) or packages don't get delivered at all and the nearly constant wind tends to blow away the missed delivery tag. ^Sometimes^ delivery peeps get lucky and someone is coming/going, or they arrive when the mail carrier is around to let them in, but that's not really something I can count on.
      The office, on the other hand, always has someone around to get the door and sign for stuff. And my office manager really brings the hammer down if any delivery peeps ever even think of trying any shenanigans ;)
      (it's a law firm, if a package doesn't get delivered when it's supposed to it can be a HUGE problem)
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    18. My Muse of Bone girl arrived!! :) The sculpting detail in her face is amazing, and she poses really well! She feels quite fragile though and her hand magnets are a bit hit and miss, but still beautiful :aheartbea

      I've tried to attach a pic of her below but in case it hasn't worked, I've got some pics of her on my Instagram :)

    19. Does anyone know if the Muse feet are similar in heel shape to either Popovy Sisters dolls or PashaPasha minis? I want to get my girl some awesome heels, but am nervous they won't fit because there aren't really measurements for their feet. (My girl is still in transit)
    20. My Muse of Bone arrived on Friday! My excitement was immediately dashed because of a couple of issues, though. I could be wrong, but I thought the two axe-shaped things on her head would be sent not glued in place? Also, her hands won't go on! The magnets will just barely hold them in place if I have her hands up. :( I already contacted Sideshow, so I should hear back tomorrow.
      I did a quick photo with my Dollshe Fashion Arsene for comparison, though. She is wearing the fullset Fairyland Chicline Ineffa dress, which is definitely still too big on top. lol And so far 10mm eyes have fit best.
      [​IMG]Sideshow Muse of Bone and Dollshe Fashion Maxi Arsene Comparison by Tineke, on Flickr
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