Simply Divine Discussion - Part 2

May 10, 2016

    1. Hi! I'm new to the Simply Divine scene, but I'm thinking of getting one of these beautiful heads(Either Thomas or Harlequin) and I'm looking to see what bodies would work.

      Dollstown 18yro right? But what about a Dollshe body? Would that work maybe?

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      DoA Wiki: Simply Divine
      DoA database: Harlequin

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    2. Hi,

      You will love the simply divine sculpts. I have the Harlequin and due to the size you need wide enough shoulders on a body for him to look right.....also may I throw out there that if you get the lighter resin it will be easier to match from what all I have seen in this thread.
    3. @Frug101, it depends on the look you want for your Harle and/or your pocket book. He looks great on the DT18 yes, the Akagi Doll body, the Resin Soul Yi, Sugarable Genie body, but not the Iplehouse bodies. You'll need at least 15cm at the shoulders and enough bulk for a Harle head to balance on. For the other smaller heads, you have more options with smaller bodies. I do believe there is a database thread for bodies out there..? For a Harle, I think the Dollshe bodies would be too slender. It's a large head.

      edit: here we go!
    4. Oooh it seems like it's going to be a journey trying to find a body for this head haha... Oohhh boy!
    5. Frug101, Harlequin is really beautiful on the Dollstown 18.

      Playing with the ShiShi mask.....

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    6. Love this mask :D
    7. Repainted my Thomas. For some reason I keep making him look more pensive than I want. x_x I can paint a face, but it's not always the exact face I want. That's like the face-up level I am at.

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    8. I have only just discovered these gorgeous dolls recently, someone was lovely enough to recommend Simply Divine Richard to me when I was looking for a sculpt for my Inquisitor Lavellan (Dragon Age: Inquisition video game) and he's just perfect for that character :D . I have rarely seen dolls sculpted so uniquely yet beautifully and with such attention to detail. I ordered Richard in March and I can't wait to get him! :love
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    9. I think he looks amazing! I have a hard time capturing exactly what i want too and sometimes the dolls have their own ideas. *L* But he looks really fantastic!
    10. New thread is a nice reason for picspam:)!
      Giovanni (Richard).
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    11. He is jaw-droppingly gorgeous :D
    12. [​IMG]
      @Frug101 This is my Harlequin on a DT18 body, if it helps to see one.
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    13. Dannnnng he's so handsome. :love
    14. @Rosslyn, he is sooooooo beautiful! What an amazingly yummy color!
    15. thank you both!
      Amadi is a special cast in Cinnamon to match DT Pale Tan.
    16. [​IMG]
      My female character Harlequin head :) I bought a new one because the Bone white was too yellow to her new body, so now she's freshly lunar white!
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    17. HOLY CROW!! she is freaking COOL as heck!!<3 <3 <3 And new scars!
    18. WHOA!! @Adalwolf, she's so awesome!! (/)oПo)/) <3
    19. Adalwolf, just beautiful! :D
    20. @Adalwolf admittedly, your Harlequin put the idea of the sculpt as a girl in my mind, hence Athénaïs
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