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1/3 dolls heads available in Venetian Luna white, sunrise and new color bone resin colors.


  • Alec
  • Eve
  • Valentina
  • Harlequin
  • Nkiru - relased in February, 2014
  • Richard - released in June, 2013
  • Thomas
  • West Nile Christopher


  • Eyes: 14-16mm
  • Heads designed to fit Super Gem, Hound and similar size bodies. The Dollstown 18yrs body is a popular choice for Harlequin, one of the larger head sculpts.

Resin colors

As referenced from the Simply Divine official website:

  • Venetian Luna White - paper white, with a slightly translucent quality
  • Venetian Luna Sunrise - slightly muted, beige-colored pink; simulates Volks NS
  • Venetian Luna Bone - has a creamy off white, slightly soft yellow undertone; simulates Soom creamy white and Dollshe Pale skin
  • Venetian Luna Parchment - wheat pink color with a slight yellow undertone; very closely simulates Dollshe Oriental
  • Venetian Luna Magnolia - very pale buff color with slight pink undertone; simulates Dollshe Fresh skin
  • Venetian Luna Cinnamon - rich chocolate tan color; very closely simulates Dollshe pale tan (available upon special request)
  • Venetian Luna Nutmeg - a dark, rich brown; very closely simulates Dollshe tan (unavailable at present)


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