Simply Meant to Be/obscure_kind Discussion Thread

Nov 12, 2019

    1. I'm just surprised, I've never seen a brand new doll come without any facial protection, not even bubble wrap. I'm lowkey hoping the owner just removed it before taking the video. :shudder shipping is the worst part of the wait for me, I get really worried about the doll getting damaged in the mail.
    2. Hi guys!
      How are you all? I'm assuming there are no shipments yet for international collectors?

      I also wanted to say I had a doll shipped by EMS to me by Bambicrony on the 16th. 10 days later it has not moved. TTYA shipped a small package to me on March 6th, 20 days later, it has not moved.

      So I think the Korean post has practically stopped shipments for now. I would say it is better to wait until the post is functioning semi-regularly than have our dolls shipped now and be stuck at the post office.

      Take care everyone!
    3. still no updates, no u.u

      on march 7, deok hyeon posted on instagram and said they'd let us know on there when the international orders were shipped. still waiting for that update.

      i agree, i suppose it's better to wait for all of this to pass before shipping the dolls, so that they don't get stuck in the post for ages where they could get damaged. but still... :wantshipping:

      it's just hard to wait. what was supposed to be a 3-4 month wait is starting to look like it may be much longer. i hope everyone is staying sane in quarantine. i feel like i'm crawling the walls.
    4. It's May 11. Haven't heard from Deok-hyeon since end of March? I hope she is ok.
      No twitter posts, blog posts or Instagram posts. Also e-mailed her recently without any reply.
      Has anyone successfully connected with her? Has anyone at all gotten a shipping notice outside of Korea?
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    5. I also haven't heard from her. No shipping notice. I'll email her myself tonight... I hope she's all right. I commented on her last ig post around a week after she posted, and no one ever responded.
    6. I sent an email about three weeks ago and haven't heard back :\ I really hope she's okay
    7. About six weeks ago, someone commented on her most recent picture on ig and said "3rd preorder will open April~May", so i dmed them and asked if they know deok hyeon. The person's page seems to be completely empty, which is weird, but I figured it was worth a shot if they might know her?
    8. Hey guys thought I’d let you know. I got a reply from Deok-Hyeon last night. She said EMS pick up has started again and Dohwees should all be shipped this month.♥️
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    9. I got the same reply, so glad she's okay~
    10. I'm so relieved!! I also got an email from her, I'm so glad she's all right.
    11. So... anyone's doll shipped yet? I feel like I'm being so impatient but I can't help it. T_T
    12. Nothing :pout: I know the feeling aha, I know the delays are no one's fault but I was really looking forward to a shorter doll wait than I'm used to
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    13. I just got a shipping notification! Hopefully it arrives soon, some of my packages seem to be stuck because there's not enough flights now :pout: I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's Dohwees!
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    14. Oh congrats~! Fingers crossed we all get them soon~
    15. so glad you got your shipping notification!!! i hopped on doa because i was getting antsy myself, but i'm glad someone got one! i'm a lot less worried now :XD:
    16. Hopefully everyone else gets theirs soon! I got a notification that he should arrive next week, I really hope he does!
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    17. Great news! I hope we can see more pics of Dohwee soon in English insta and Twitter. ^^
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    18. I got my shipping notification~! My boy is coming home :D

      Just hope he doesn't take as long as my Alice's collections order, tracking hasn't updated for two weeks now :sigh
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    19. Awesome news! Congrats!
    20. I just got my shipping notice as well!!! I am so excited. I can't wait.