Single doll owners?

Jun 18, 2018

    1. I only have one doll, I've had his for quite a few years. I see him however sitting alone and I'd like him to have a sibling to keep him company ^^ but I've taken my time before getting doll # 2!
    2. I'm trying to go back to just having one doll, but even that one has two heads so...isn't technically one doll. I can see it being nice to have just the one, especially if they're you're completely focused on one character.
    3. I am the same way. I think at most I can do 2. Once I have multiple of something my anxiety goes up and I sell them all. I don’t understand why. My husband tells me to just put up the others and switch them out but I know they exist so that doesn’t help. I have learned not to start collecting things that have a lot to collect. I have happy with my 2 dolls that I can just buy and make clothes for.
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    4. I always think about that. I have eleven dolls and lately my idea is that in the far future I only will keep my Venitu and I'm sure I'll be equally happy in my way to live the hobby.
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    5. There isn't anything wrong with having only one doll. I had only one doll for several years before I got all my others. I wish I would have stopped at about three. It's actually pretty stressful owning a lot of dolls. I'm going to get rid of some of that stress by downsizing my collection over the next few weeks.
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    6. Yes!! If I pack one away then it’s just sitting on a box being ignored. I know it’s still there and that’s almost worse than them being on the shelf
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    7. I have just the one (or rather I have a head and a body, and I haven't yet managed to make myself commit to modding one or the other to make them fit together right -- to say nothing of wigs and eyes!) and don't see myself obtaining more in the foreseeable future or I'll never get anything done.
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    8. hahah! I like your train of thought.
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    9. I admire the people with just one doll, I don't know why I feel like they need companions or I just want more. These dolls are like chips for me, I can't have just one .
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    10. I currently have four dolls and I'm trying to cut down to three, I wish I could cut down to just my favorite but the thought of parting with my two smaller dolls is hard. I like the idea of focusing on one doll, it seems peaceful and nice like creating a very special bond.
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    11. I'm a collector, so I find it a bit admirable that some people are perfectly fine owning one doll. I feel like I would eventually get bored with one doll after feeling somewhat limited, so having multiple dolls gives me the variety of options I like.
    12. I had one doll until recently (DDS Sailor Moon) and didn't plan to buy more any time soon. What I didn't expect to happen was Volks to announce DDS Mars and Mercury so now I have two more dolls on the way :sweat I also want to have a customised BJD one day that's not based on a character (like Sailor Moon) so yeah, it's difficult to stop on just one for me. There is no right or wrong though! Some propel like to keep it small, some like big collections :)
    13. Dear RainbowBrite, hello. I am new here so I am just reading your post, two years later.

      So here is my question, do you still only have one doll?

      I have only one BJD now but I am saving for another. I am a doll collector, in general, so I have other dolls who live with me.
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    14. I only have one doll as well! I’ve been in this hobby for 10+ years and have owned 10+ dolls, but never more than three at a time. My goal has always been to find one doll (or possibly a very select few) that I really love, and this has led me to buying and then selling dolls from many different companies. I don’t regret it as I’ve been able to see and handle a lot of beautiful and interesting sculpts. It’s also made my realize what I like and don’t like in a doll.

      The doll I own now is a DearSD Kira, and she is by far my favorite! I like everything about her – the sculpt, engineering, resin quality, proportions and faceup.
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    15. I don't think that I could ever own only one doll, I feel like three dolls are the perfect number for my collection... currently I own four and have one on pre-order that I will definitely keep in my possession.
      But somehow only owning one doll sounds so cute and wholesome to me!

      @rakelnaomi My DearSD Coco is the one doll in my collection that I'd keep no matter what, she's by far my favorite doll. And your DearSD Kira looks adorable, I can see why you're content with owning only her :3nodding:
    16. @Ayanami Thank you! I love her to bits :) I’m so glad Volks released the DearSDs, I think they’re the perfect size while still having the presence of a larger doll. And Coco is really adorable in DearSD-version :D
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    17. Nothing at all wrong with being a single doll owner!! I was one myself, though admittedly for only a brief period of time (about a month?) lolol. It's a great way to have just one object of affection to dote on and spoil and craft tons of things for! I think it's only because I have too big a heart (and too big an eye for good deals >o<) that when I saw this big ol' SD boy for an awesome sale who desperately needed a home..... I just fell for his sad face and so made the impulsive decision to get him!! Now I have a third doll/second SD on the way as a companion for him, and I might go for a fourth to match with my first doll too.

      I do wonder, though, if I'd be able to go back to having just one doll should there be a financial need, or even a total change of heart. Probably the hardest part would be deciding who to let go!! >O<
    18. I currently have six dolls, waiting on three and selling two and I've been debating about just having one more recently and just admire other dolls from afar. Like someone in this thread said, I think I should probably just buy my girl a new outfit or something instead of buying a new doll. Though, might have two dolls so that my girl has someone to "interact" with.
    19. It's fun to have one doll. All your love and care goes to one doll. My boy will be two years old in december, and I become a two doll person in the near future. I am a bit nervous about it, because maybe I won't like my new doll. Or if something happens I will love my new girl more, than my boy.... It's crazy, I know, but I really thinking about things like that... That's why better to be a one doll person. No neclegted resin buddies... Or different shoe, eye and clothes sizes...
    20. I had a single doll for many years before buying a few more. I wasn't really into the hobby but appreciated the art and the beauty. Now that I have a few the idea of giving them personalities is coming into it for me. I collected other kinds of dolls before BJDs. I'm not the kind of person who can have too many, it becomes overwhelming but, I'm glad other people do, because I love to see them all.