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Jul 15, 2017

    1. Hi everyone, this is Ziqian Yang, the doll artist from SIO2, a personal doll work studio.

      I am very happy to announce that our new doll, あおあんどん(Aoandon), will be accepting international preorders. Same as Burmilla (Preorder - SIO2 Doll - Burmilla June 16,2017 – July 16,2017(UTC+8)) the pre-order period will be in a month, we will update the releasing information later.

      The idea of Aoandon came from Japanese demo documentary. SIO2 body is gender-less, you can dress her as a boy or girl.

      We will only provide a set this time. Aoandon will come with head, human body (fist hand), resin wig and certification. All the part are blank.

      (the horn is irremovable)

      Height: 28cm
      Recommended eye size: 16mm
      Head circumference: 15.5cm
      Skin color(s): White only
      Burmilla comes in different option packages, and you can choose from package A, B,C or D.
      (*All Burmilla package will NOT come with any head/body make up)
      Tips: Ragdoll body has a smaller upper body compared to regular
      Yosd (1/6) doll, therefore we would recommend 1/8 or blythe doll size upper wear for her.(For example: 1/8 TEE)

      Please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] titled “customer service” or send a message on DOA.

      Hopefully you will like Aoandon as we do, and we will be much delighted if you will leave a like and/or share this post to your friends too!

      Thank you for your support!

      SIO2 Doll
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    2. She is ADORABLE!
      Is it possible to order the outfit?

      Also, how much is she being sold for?
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    3. Hello I saw on your twitter that Aoandon had feet with sandals and mask will those be for sale as well as her kimono/outfit?
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    4. Hello! Is there really no chance to purchase her with the Ragdoll body? A few people were interested in her but wanted the Ragdoll body, I'd just like to check! :3
    5. Hi, Aoandon will only have one set available. She will come with the head, human body (fist hand), resin wig and certification. Her price and releasing period will announce soon.
      If you prefer Ragdoll body, our new doll Burmilla is still in pre-order period, end in 11:59PM at 7/16(UTC+8).
      Aoandon's body will be the regular human feet, not Ashida feet on the picture (sandals feet)
      Face up, extra pieces such as mask, outfit will not available in the order.
      Thank you for your support of SIO2 Doll. :)
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    6. Hi,
      I love Aoandon!
      Will layaway be available?
    7. Yes, the layaway will available for Aoandon, too. The layaway term will be same as Burmilla, 30% deposit and the rest of payment requires in three months. :) Thank you!
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    8. Hello I wanted to ask is the resin hair removable or it's part of her design ?
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    9. Hi, yes, all the resin hair from SIO2 Doll are removable. You can put regular 1/6 wig.
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    10. How much will she be?
    11. I absolutely love her, she's so cute! I really hope you'll consider offering her with a Ragdoll body!
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    12. i'm so happy your doing an international order for her! i will absolutely be ordering her, but it would be great if you could get more hand parts with her/get those cute geta feet. :D
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    13. We received lots of comments to ask if SIO2 could provide more option. So we are adjusting our releasing details and all the details will announce soon. Please be patient and thank you.
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    14. Will she be available at your Taobao store too?
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    15. All the details will release later, Thank you for support.
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    16. Oh how exciting! I am holding my breath for price! Any idea when you will be releasing more details? I love this baby
    17. You can use the Burmilla's price setting for references.
      子迁他家 SIO2 DOLL | 波米拉 BJD 3.28-4.30
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