Sleeping Eye Sculpts

Feb 25, 2021

    1. Hi! Does anyone know if you should put eyes in a sleepy/almost closed eye doll? I feel like having nothing in there will look strange. Is the eye sizing different with these type sculpts?
      Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, I can't seem to find it.
      Thank you all! :aheartbea
    2. unless the eyehole is completely closed, you should definitely put eyes in. even if you can’t see them very well, it will guaranteed look better than nothing at all.
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    3. I just dealt with this yesterday. Received a Switch Seoha head and tried several pairs of eyes. Glass, acrylic, resin and silicone. Light, medium and dark colors. From 12mm up to 16mm. Nothing showed very well. I decided on a pair of purple glass because they did reflect some light. They have to have eyes in to look right. Just play with different eyes that you have. Something will be perfect for your doll.
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    4. If the doll has eyewells, it looks better--even if it seems like there's nothing to see, somehow, every single photograph will remind you! I think the trickiest thing is figuring out eyelashes on that kind of sculpt, though. They're so hard to apply.
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    5. I really like Seoha, he's so serene. I've never been good at finding the right size.:? The company (DLace) doesn't mention eye size either lol. I see they're making a lot of those sparkly eyes now so I might pick up a pair to try out!

      I can imagine getting the doll all set up for pictures and then he just looks empty and soulless. :XD: that's good to know about the lashes. Thank u!

    6. I always do if the eye is open at all. If the eye is sealed shut, there's no point. I suggest small iris eyes. They seem to catch more light in narrow eyes, where a large iris can just look black in there.
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    7. I have several dolls like this. I find that light/bright irises are best and be sure to position the eyes down a bit so that the pupil will show a little.
      If you're trying to photograph the doll either shoot from above so the eyes look closed or make sure the light hits the eyes so they don't look like black holes.
      Souldoll Sleeping Irene is a bit of a challenge this way. Here's one shot that didn't turn out too badly.
      [​IMG]Lio by Nadine, on Flickr
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    8. @phanuel Thank you for the tips! Also, your doll's faceup is so pretty!!
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    9. Which Dlace sculpt is it? :D

      Please feel free to join us and and chat in the Dlace discussion!

      Ex Machina Male for example comes with little eye blanks. :chocoheart
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    10. @Lady Ravenswood Hi! Its the Cupid Angel doll, I'm currently waiting on it haha! :fangirl: That is so interesting to know the ex machina comes with eye blanks. The little angel sculpt is only 20cm so I wonder what they intend for it! Thank you for inviting me to the discussion! <3
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    11. Oh! So cute! :chocoheart
      Hm, might have to wait till it ships out for exact eye details then. Please share it a lot. :D
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    12. Will do!! :aheartbea

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    13. It really I think depends on the thickness of resin of the eyelids. If there’s a hole inside the head to place eyes, I would do it. Mainly because it’ll add stability and strength behind the eyelid just in case the doll were to fall or hit its face somehow, the eyelid doesn’t cave in.
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    14. @Guiltyschuldig49 Oh that's a really good point! I didn't even think of resin thickness.
    15. You might want to try eyes that are a bit smaller or lighter if you find the initial ones hard to see. That helped my dreamy/sleepy eyed tinies look immensely.
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    16. I don't have any eyes in my Lillycat Ombre right now and you can definitely tell. As I currently don't have eyes in her size, she'll have to wait a little more...