Rule Update Sold/In-Transit Lists No Longer Allowed! Also - remember no "market value" threads!

Feb 18, 2012

    1. Sold/In Transit Lists Are No Longer Allowed

      Sold Lists and In-Transit Lists have been a problematic issue on DoA since its inception. These lists generate keyword spam when a member is using the "search" feature to find a particular item in the marketplaces. Sellers need to be responsible for maintaining their own comprehensive records of sales and holds and layaways outside of their sale thread! We are no longer allowing sellers to maintain Sold/In-Transit lists in their marketplace threads. These lists will be deleted when found or reported. Thank you so much for helping us out with this bothersome issue and for understanding the need for this new Marketplace Rule!

      Reminder: Market Value Queries and Market Research Are Not Allowed

      Please remember that asking other members for their opinions on the current market value of dolls/doll parts/items/accessories is not permitted. This type of post is close to advertising that you are putting an item up for sale and therefore breaks our strict rule against advertising outside of the Marketplace. If you're not certain how much to list your items for on the Marketplace, it is useful to search for similar sales in the active Marketplaces and also the Dolls Marketplace Graveyard to see how much other sellers are pricing their items for.

      Additionally, please remember that asking members to evaluate and give feedback on your products/services is not permitted on Den of Angels - the most appropriate place for market research is on your personal sales site or your own blog.

      Thank you for your understanding!
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    2. Thanks for this, mods. It will really help cut down on false hits when searching the marketplace.
    3. Is there any way to mark Sold items in a thread which is permissible? I know there have been times when I've purchased something and felt it was different from how I remembered its description, and then went back to the original sales thread to read the seller's description. If I understand correctly, under the new rule, the seller would have to edit the sold items from their thread immediately, meaning there'd be no information for the buyer to cross-reference. (Sorry if I've misunderstood!)

      I understand that long lists of sold items are bothersome, though, so thank you for the rule change!
    4. on the opposite! as soon as the thread is marked as sold, the seller can no longer edit the information. the "dead" thread will be up for at least 6 months and you will be able to go back and check at the infos to make sure everything is in order.
      it will only be hidden when you search in the MP because it is pretty annoying to have to dig through the finished thread to find one that is actually for sale. dead thread are moved into the MP graveyard but can be seen on the seller's page
    5. I think you're confusing sold dolls with sold items. This is how it works in the Dolls Marketplace, but not for the various items (it would do no good to lock a thread with multiple items after one item is sold, etc.).
    6. oh, my bad for misunderstanding the question :sweat
    7. We tried allowing something like this with the "in transit" option that was previously allowed, but unfortunately we found that sellers were not removing "in transit" items from their threads (either because the buyer never confirmed the item's arrival, or because the seller just didn't get around to taking them down). As a result, "in transit" lists were staying up indefinitely, just like the sold lists did.

      If you're concerned about this, I suggest taking a screenshot of the item's description when you purchase it. That way you'll still have the information to refer back to.
    8. If cross-reference is what you need, I suggest you take a screen shot or save the picture(s) of the item on your hard-drive before you PM the seller to purchase. That way you have it just in case. :)
    9. This is an excellent suggestion. Thanks for the help!
    10. If a doll is sold, what do we put? I want to know for future reference when I sale my dolls.
    11. This information has been in the Marketplace Rules for a long time now. Please re-familiarize yourself with the forum rules and guidelines if you're not certain.

      We ask that you ONLY USE the prefixes in the Dolls Marketplace to indicate your doll is no longer available.
    12. Yay! We who are always on a search for one thing or another are delighted!

      May I add that it would be nice when people remove sold items from their threads that they also take a moment to use Go Advanced and edit the thread header? It's a pain to view a header that lists multiple eye sizes or multiple manufacturers of things that were initially there, but when you check the thread, there's only one item left, or just one size or one manufacturer. That also adds to false results and longer searches.
    13. Thank you for re-iterating this. I see all sorts of variations on this (including the old "sold-please keep" edit) in the Dolls MP, making it pretty clear that the person isn't up on the current rules....

      Oh and I so agree with Hobby. Thank you thank you thank you.
    14. I would like to suggest to those sellers who need to keep track of what has been sold and what is in transit - a simple spreadsheet, word document, or note file of some sort is a really good way to keep track of information like this, and a lot easier to edit and control than a live thread!

      Thank you mods, for this obvious/needed rule change.
    15. What if the screenshot never works? Mine never has. Didn't when it was brand new either. I've tried and tried to screenshot stuff. Isn't it just hitting the printscreen button? The old comp worked that way. (No, never had the manual or anything...think OfficeDepot kept it.)
    16. It's actually alt+printscreen which will get you a screenshot. Hope that helps. ^^
    17. I guess mine's just broken then. I dunno what else to try. I use to be able to screenshot something, and open it in paint but that doesn't work.
    18. Many photo-editing programs also have a capture function that can be activated. You of course, whether buyer or seller, can also save the whole page as a HTML file, and view it and edit it locally afterwards. Takes up more space that way, but is good for multiple items.

      Or you can select and copy text and relevant pix into a Word file and save that.
    19. I have another suggestion for screenshots if you can't seem to get your screenshot key to work (mine is the PrtSc/SysRq button near the Backspace key and I don't have to use Alt when I press it): If you have some kind of a camera, just take a photo of your computer screen. Unless you have an old glass monitor it should work fine. :)

      (Edit: Like Kiyakotari said on the next page, when I use the PrtSc button, I have to paste the image into Paint and then save it. The PrtSc button just takes a screenshot of the page, but doesn't save it anywhere automatically.)

      I'm also thrilled to read of this change! I know I don't have to tell most people here how frustrating it is to be searching for something specific and think I found it, only to discover it's in a list of items that were already sold! :doh

      I only have one question: does this rule apply to the thread title as well? I've encountered situations where I've gone to a thread because the item I want is in the title, only to find that it's not in the thread at all or is listed as sold. That sounds like something that's against the rules (even just for the fact that it's basically lying about what's for sale). Should people be reporting threads like this?
    20. Kelaria - thank you! We feel strongly that this is a positive change too :) Thread titles should be kept up-to-date and reflect current sales rather than past and sold items. Please do report misleading thread titles, they do create keyword spam too.