Something you know now that you wish you knew then?

Jun 11, 2019

    1. Nothing in this hobby is cheap- clothes are expensive so remember to save for more besides just the doll!
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    2. If you want something pricey, it's better to just be patient and save up for it instead of trying to settle for a cheaper alternative that'll only disappoint you in the end.
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    3. If you are a tan BJD, sunlight is evil. My first doll was inconsistently protected from direct sunlight, and she's yellowed unevenly. Her face and hands have faded to a greenish color.:doh It could probably be hidden with a decent face-up, but I don't have the skill.
    4. Keep all your documents for your doll (or future dolls) in one place. If the box is not marked down also have a notepad with the year you brought your doll, make, model and price of your doll. This will help if you need to sell any of your dolls and is also have an insurance claim on them.
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    5. That I would want back a couple of the things I sold that are now hard to get. This is why I've almost completely stopped selling.
    6. Well I knew it was going to be a expensive hobby but I wish I knew the dollar currency in my country is going to be 7 in the future
    7. Hybrids are a great option if one likes the head but not the body or the body poses badly and so on. I ended up buying a doll because I really loved head sculpt wise but his body still makes me a bit uncomfortable because it's way too skinny and spindly. I'm planning to get him a different body in near future.
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    8. I just about ruined my first faceup by not applying enough Mr. Super Clear to my doll's head. It took me weeks to remove the staining and a lot of that had to be sanded down. I wish I'd known beforehand as her face is rougher and the sanding caused some discoloration.
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    9. Wait and buy a doll second hand are sometime faster than order once it's came out through a dealer (especially through Dolkus, this dealer is slow and will not move if you didn't ask they to.)

      I've a doll that ordered since december 2019 (The month they came out) and still on "shipment waiting". While some other even already put that specific doll on sale. :abambi:

      (The last time my dealer contact me was after x'mas and said the doll was already arrive and ready to ship to me and will get back to me once they got an EMS number... I will see if they took more than a month to issue an EMS number :mwahaha)

      Also, some company are not having consistent with resin color or faceup. Do not think that you will alway get what you see in the promo picture and do some research beforehand.
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    10. Always look for the blank body and face sculpts. Dig further than the pretty, exposure heavy promotional pictures and see what the face looks like underneath.
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    11. I wish I’d known how much I would continue to regret missing out on certain sculpts that were discontinued. While finance wasn’t a problem, I didn’t want to grow my collection too fast so always planned to purchase them later. I also wish I’d known how long the wait period was for certain dolls in which case I might have decided to order them sooner.
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    12. buying secondhand is just as fun, if not more fun, than buying new. while I still have some grail sculpts, I've decided that the real thrill of falling in love with dolls lies in the secondhand market (mostly instagram, but sometimes facebook, too.) I chalk this up to the wide arrange of obscure sculpts with beautiful faceups that end up being sold secondhand that I would have never known of otherwise. and besides, they're usually cheaper, come quicker, and are more environmentally conscious than buying new.