Soom Idealian 51 Discussion

Mar 4, 2011

    1. It's possible I suppose that there's an untapped middle range market for those who want smaller but more mature sculpts. Perhaps those who come in here looking at the bigger dolls don't represent that section of the market.
    2. I agree, it's definitely not a size I'm interested in either, but I love Soom's dolls no matter the size, and I love to look at them and see what they do, even if I don't buy them.
    3. Admittedly, I did spend a lot of time looking for smaller, more mature sculpts, since they're a little easier to handle (and child-like dolls have never been my thing, sooo). I see what everyone's saying about the clothes, though. At least I can make my own, but I'd have to see the dolls first. I admit I'm intrigued by what they might think of as "Funny guy" ...
    4. It will be interesting to see what they come up with - it may not be as muscular due to its height. But for those of us with regular sizes it's a difficult in-between sort of doll really.
    5. It might go well with the likes of the Dollmore Fashion doll line - they're 16 inches and off topic here. He'd be quite a bit bigger though, but the fashion dolls are quite nice. I like Diana. I wouldn't have her as a 'fashion doll' though.
    6. I think you're imagining a really chunky short doll though!! lol
      Which obviously is not at all appealing...but I have faith in Soom!!

      When they first announced the IDealians I was sooo excited and
      honestly a lot of people weren't too keen on him, right away he
      was compared with IH EID. Perhaps that's why Soom altogether
      shut ID down and worked on the body again?
      I'm not a BIG doll person, as much as I'm drawn to them I haven't
      been able to plunk down that much on a doll that I wasn't sure I
      would even feel like picking up. THIS new ID might be to perfect size
      for me, but either way I'm very excited to see it...I'm happy Soom
      keeps moving forward, as we've seen with other companies they get
      left behind and then vanish. Soom wants to stay and part of that means
      keeping up with the competition! Now if only they would make a female
    7. I think I'm safe from the 51cm sized guys. Though York on the other hand..... Still nothing posted on York's page....
    8. *dies laughing* Don't worry, I think there's gonna be a whole bunch of us in the duckweed... But at least we'll all have really nice dolls. *SNERK*

      EDIT: As for 52cm ID's - I'm intrigued. We shall see...
    9. Thanks for the measurements, Mirren. His arm is pretty long, about 4.5cm longer than the model EID, and I think the height difference is in the longer torso, but overall I see how the clothes would work. But that breadth of shoulder compared to his chest makes me wonder if the ID clothes would work at all on Bishonen House. Must investigate....

      OK, haven't read the release news yet, but if that 52cm is anything like SoulDoll's Vito line, holy moly! Y'all don't know what you're missing. Anyone who's curious about clothes that fit, what girl dolls look like with that size o' man hunk, etc, head over to the SD Vito thread.

      EDIT: Read the descriptions. OK, there has to be more than one giant raft, or did these people actually like Waterworld? Nor am I sure about wanting a character called "Weird Guy." LOL. I give them points for creativity though. And stick to my assertion that hot resin can come in small packages. ;)
    10. AMEN! It's not the size, it's how you sculpt it ;)
    11. Yeah I laughed to no end. As it was mentioned there will be a whole lot of duckweed people this year.

      I'm rather intrigued by the 52cm guy, if they look anything like the ID's but in a smaller package and cheaper I may be doomed/soomed.
    12. That's the other sweet part about the smaller mature dolls. Have no idea how Soom will price theirs, but SoulDoll charges US$420 for a basic nude Vito doll vs. US$610 for the Zenith (70cm) male. Ironically, it's the main reason I don't have one yet. I always feel like I can afford to get one (especially since SD has secondary retailers with nice layaways) while the $$$ limited editions pop up to snatch my money away.
    13. Considering these will be limited, maybe you'll actually get one.:lol: And we don't have to long to wait, just next month.

      But perhaps we should make a news/discussion thread for them?

      Edit: Nevermind, looks like the Mods did it for us. ^_^
    14. Ever watchful, those mods.
    15. Souldoll has their Vito's, and now small Idealians? ... Kinda weird, but I still can't wait to see them! I don't think I'll be getting any though...
    16. I really can't wait to see what they do with these little guys. I hope they are rather leaner and younger (teenage-ish) looking than the Vitos. I really love the gargoyle Vitos but am resistant to getting a new size that doesn't work with the rest of my collection. Younger looking guys along the lines of, say, Photon and Gluino, would be a very different story! I will certainly be joining you all in the duckweed!

      This storyline obviously has a steampunk vibe. It'll be interesting to see what Soom does with it with their Idealians of both sizes. They've done a bit with steampunk wings in the Rosette dolls and they're beautiful.
    17. I'm really curious to see how these guys will turn out. :) I usually go for bigger dolls, so I'm hoping I'll be safe from them.... but who knows, Soom may just be able to lure me in.
    18. What a bombshell!

      If you had asked me to predict where this line was going, I sure wouldn't have guessed 52cm!

      I'm real intrigued by the themes, like Weird Guy, Wealthy Guy, etc., and I'm wondering if these are just loose categories, or if each one is actually going to be a specific doll.

      With 4 dolls on layaway, I'm already a duckweed person, sob D:
    19. The storyline seems to be Waterworld + Final Fantasy 7.

      I want a weird guy and a cute guy and a funny guy!
    20. That's exactly what I thought! the story like FF :D hahah Interesting , interesting :))