Soom Idealian 51 Discussion

Mar 4, 2011

    1. Yep looks like their out to kill me ... ARGH. I just let go of wanting a Souldoll Gargoyle thingy now this shows up ^^ ah well.. might just stick with the bigger guys though. But well even sticking with the bigger guys is like madness. Did you see when the next big one is due after York? in May...?! every third month would have been ok. too.
      oh whatever.. I am curious how the first of those 51cm guys will look like.
    2. My favorite so far is "Casanova guy" :) and I really want to see what Soom's idea of "Perfect guy" is hahah[FONT=돋움]
    3. I know right. I was like, "wait, what, haven't they all been perfect? <3"

      I wanna see Cute Guy >w<

      I wonder if they're listed in order of appearance, so Weird Guy will be first? xD
    4. It's really interesting that they plan on releasing a new line so quickly,
      when I think back to the original release and re-release of ID....there
      was so much preparation and Soom wanted us to take an oath remember? :lol::sweat
      I wonder if he's completely finished or if they still have some tweaking to
      do that might cause a slight delay, and of course I'm dying to see a teaser
      I was tempted by souldolls Vito line, especially their Gargoyle man but his
      face was too rough (?) for me. As for clothes I hope Soom has thought
      well ahead and will at least offer a bi-weekly outfit for his release, and
      shoes of course. I take back what I said about part of the fun of a new
      doll size is figuring out what it can idea what I was thinking:doh
    5. If he's a 52cm buff guy, then as far as I know, there is no equivalent on the market... so there's no clothing on the market. I really hope Soom will support these guys with clothes, I would hate to see them kill the line because of something like that. :c

      I'm surprised at the timing as well, but when you consider Hyperon came out in December... I guess that explains what they've been up to all these months.

      I wonder if they're going to carry on with the fingerprints and brains and all that.

      ... I wonder if his junk will be all detaily, too...
      (my mind so went there)
    6. Soom...I hate you...I have run out of money at all..>_<....
    7. I hope these guys ARE ripped. I'd be more excited if they were just a few cm taller. 55cm-56cm would be ideal! But 52cm is still exciting. There are NO short muscular male bodies on the market. The closest is the Lost Angel Thunder body, and even that is still 60cm. If these guys can use EID/MegaGem/Mecha Angel sized heads, I will be thrilled. I really hope Soom rolls with that. The market needs a stocky guy option - there are tons of tall males with defined muscles, but no shorter 1/3 scale ones.
    8. An interesting choice of size, but as someone who doesn't really want a 70cm doll yet likes the Idealian concept this is pretty exciting!
    9. whats with this odd size lately. there's no clothes to buy for them! except souldoll but im pretty sure they will be looooooooot different!
    10. This absolutely amazing!!! Fianlly the companies are starting to make different sizes, I was tired always of the same measurements for everyone... also, can you envision how would these guys look besides a Slim MSD? I think it's an amazing idea for those who own Mini Fees, Unoas or mature minis in general; these guys will be the idealians of the Mini world, haha. My only complaint is that there are no more 1/3 bodies in the 48/53 range, but as Kiyakotari, I am always sick of not being able to enresinate short characters. My only complaint is...

      .. One Idealian PER MONTH???? O_o' Oh c'mon. And Monthly dolls too? I am wondering how does Soom plan to keep this pace of limited releases. I think they are burning the chicken of the golden eggs too fast....
    11. arent they going to be releasing an idealian in jan?
    12. About a year ago I wrote to Soom Idelaian asking them if they could start a line of MSD-sized guys. My main motivation for doing this was I fell in love with Branon's gorgeous and realistic face and would have loved him in the smaller size. I made the observation that very few doll companies are producing mature and good-looking MSD boys - most look very young and childish. Even my favourite doll company Iplehouse, who have produced a ripped and mature MSD guy body have so far only put out quite young and soft looking faces to go with it.
      I wouldn't be surprised if a savvy company like Soom saw this gap in the doll market too and has decided to produce shorter guys with mature, handsome faces. It will be fascinating to see if this is the case.
    13. my... i wish they would sell the bodies seperatly, I have an MSD head that just looks too big for the regular MSD format... I think 52 cm and BUFF would be spot on for him. Gawd... what are the odds they will realease the body in White though. Unless they did a Vampire. ::sighs:: well see what the first oe looks like in April... still about a month of waiting to do.
    14. Oh man, I was just about to buy a Souldoll Vito too. I do not need a smaller army, only need one guy for my girl.

    15. Oh I'm sure she would love for you to get both, variety is the spice of life right?;)

    16. AAUUUGGGHHHH! This is too true! It's such a slippery slope; once I buy an extra man (or girl) the next thing I know they are pining away for a partner (looking speculatively around my rapidly diminishing available space).
    17. Soom is a very evil company, they will take all your money and then release something even more prettier than their last creation..........beware...beware!
    18. This is exciting news. I've had my tan Rouse from Souldoll on order since late Oct. they keep telling me they're having problems. I think they forgot the order or lost him.

      I wanted a partner for my tan man, so Soom here I come. if he's a small Idealean, we already have a good idea of his body type. but, those descriptions are strange. who wants "weird guy?" :?

      at 51cm, they may be much better as a partner for small girls.
      Souldoll should eventually bring out girls for their 52cm men. ???*_*

      going into the Duckweed....searching for a perfect guy....or....

    19. What an exciting concept! If they do go with the smaller yet mature looking sculpts, they shall own my wallet forever xD I immediately pulled out my measuring tape, and I'm thinking this size would look perfect with my MSD girl. I really want to see "weird guy" :lol:
    20. Kiya: Short muscular guys are on the market: SoulDoll Vito. :) I think they were the first in the mature 52cm arena, and they must be doing well. Success gets copied. :)

      I hope the new ID51 body is close to the Vito in terms of clothes. They made the IDs work with the Iple EID clothes. No point in reinventing the wheel, especially if they don't make a lot of clothes themselves. It is frustrating with clothes options so limited, but I figure at some point 70cm dolls were rare and clothes hard to find, but as they became mainstream, the accessories followed suit.