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Mar 4, 2011

    1. Thanks and glad the pics helped. This is Rhas-Khan with the love of his immortal life, Eilam. Eilam is a SoulDoll Vito Rail.
      [​IMG]Rhas-Khan & Eilam by ID Locke, on Flickr
    2. @Iron_Dog - Your characters look really cool. Nice photo.
    3. Thanks. I'm quite pleased at how they turned out. Rhas-Khan's wig bugs me a little because it's just so MUCH hair. I think the only way to reduce it would be to have a custom dread wig made. His wig is a Monique Reeva.
    4. @Iron_Dog - It would be cool to see a custom dread wig, but I really like this thick hair wig too. Eilam must like it too, he's grabbing a few locks of it in that photo, haha.
    5. I wrote a little ficlet of some hair care for when one of their stories was released by my publisher at the time. Mutual Grooming is a tick under 600 words and PG-13 at best for mentions of nudity (but nothing graphic). It's more a fluffy piece: Discretion Advised
    6. @Iron_Dog - Great story, so cool. Is this from a real book you published?
    7. Glad you enjoyed it. The story of Rhas-Khan/Eilam that was published is called Into The Heart Of The Abyss and yes, it was published with a real publisher. The one I linked you too was something I did as a promotional thing for their story. That story has reverted back to me so I've posted it to my author journal as a free read. There's another novella and a short story posted to the same place with them as well.

      I do have a full novel planned for Rhas-Khan/Eilam but other characters in the Divine Worship world have been demanding my attention. Mostly Ondraeden/Valerian, Saraf/Edenlei and Fei-Lau/Sleet/Khale. And yes, I have all of them as dolls, too, although only Ondreaden is OT for this thread.

      Additionally, I'm under contract to produce a chapter/month for another novel, Escape Velocity, that takes place in a completely different world and time (The Dream Time world). All of my published novels have had the rights revert back to me and I should probably start hunting down a new publisher that would be willing to take them (my previous publisher closed down).
    8. @Iron_Dog - Nice you have all your characters as bjds. Can you post a photo of Ondraeden and Valerian?
      That's cool you have published works. I hope you can find a new publisher.
    9. Thankfully, no, not all my characters demand resin shells. I'd be overrun (more than I am) if that was the case.

      [​IMG]Ondraeden & Valerian by ID Locke, on Flickr
      Ondraeden, Elder God of Fear & Nightmares and Valerian (Vale is an Iple FID Claude vamp)
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    10. @Iron_Dog - They look so cool. I really like how Ondraeden eyes are glowing. Is Valerian's wig blue or is that just the lighting?
    11. Thanks. It's just the lighting (and my camera colour correcting when it shouldn't *sigh*). His wig is black and Vale is actually grey resin not the nearly white he appears in the photo.
    12. Looks like nobody here is getting Zak 51cm? Idealian Studio has released some more photos of him in casual clothing on Instagram... these photos has confirmed that I dont like the faceup. It's too feminine. What a shame since i would love to give 51cm a go.
    13. I like him better in that picture but I have been bad this week.
    14. Translates to:

      Zach 51cm really makes me curious
    15. huh? 51cm version? where? !
      when I saw he was a big guy, I thought 'if only he were little, I'd make him mine!' or words to that effect.
      but, not this month. car. house. :nosebleed

      PS: I see him. not Elf in the forest all pale and with long costume. military man. tan. meh.
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    16. So this is an elf sculpt? Which sculpt is this?
    17. I looked, too, and didn't see him either. Not that I should be looking for another new doll right but I have recently purchased a Batchix Dark Elf and he's looking for a love interest so....
    18. Its over here :)

      Its the 51 version of Hyperon elf wearing an ID51 version of General Tei's outfit

      Looks like he's tawny

      IDEALIAN on Twitter

      Also for fun, this is the ID51 version that was available for a Japan only event a few days ago, a Hyperon in Grey. Hes not available for sale outside of the Japan event sadly

      IDEALIAN on Twitter
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    19. Oh, I need him now that you've confirmed he's an elf. Haha. Is tawny like a red toned normal resin? What colour would you say it is?
    20. Tawny is often a shade of tan for Soom, I think. I really like the Hyperon sculpt. I almost bought him once before. Arrrrgh! Soom, why are you intent on killing my wallet?