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Soom Idealian 51 Discussion

Mar 4, 2011

    1. I have the Hyperon Elf Vamp in SG size. love him. would really like a white version 51cm.
      he's up on instagram too. but, no details as to color, outfit, wigs. or when.

      Sebastian and sister Emmanuelle
      I need new pics of them. from the archives.


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    2. @xyuemoto tawny I would say is a light red tan?
      like pale skin that got suntanned, and the tan is fresh because it has no olive undertones

      Its similar to peach gold by Iplehouse but its a bit browner. Its lighter than the picture on Soom in person

      Soom resin comparison

      If you look at the hand in that picture, its accurate to how it looks in real life :)
    3. Tawny is a very pretty color, in my opinion. It has enough red to look natural but you wouldn't say red when you see it. Here is my Tawny Cuba with Aria Blair
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    4. @Iron_Dog @GreenTeaSlug - Thanks both of you. I definitely want him now, an elf and some sort of tan colour is great.
    5. It's a light tan that is more red than gray, if that helps. It's very beautiful in person!
    6. Would you say no brown tones at all?
    7. It's still a brown tone. But it's a very warm tan brown.
    8. Ok, thank you.
    9. it's light brown, more on the pink side vs. yellow. ages very well with little change in my experience.
      here it is with normal. if you get your monitor to show the white wig and the whites of the eyes true white, you can judge the skin color better.
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    10. Ah I have no monies for him but I love Hyperion!
    11. @petiteballerine - Thanks for the photo. Your guy looks so cool and those silver white eyes.
    12. I saw on Idealian's instagram that the upcoming 51 Hyperon is going to be limited edition quantity 20 full set. Is this how they usually release 51s? Will they eventually release just the standard doll? I was very interested in this guy but I don't want him as full set. T_T Any idea how much full set 51s cost?
    13. No, they usually offer the doll and clothes separately. They may release an unlimited version without the special outfit also. They frequently do. Cost? Not sure!
    14. I'd be another that wouldn't want the fullset as it wouldn't fit my plans (should I be crazy enough to click the buy button) and it would deeply bother my little miserly heart to pay for stuff I don't need (my other ID51's wouldn't wear the clothes either).
    15. @nancy_schroeder_ca - Ok. I hope they do. I don't want this military theme, if it was elf themed like the ID75 forest monarach I'd probably want it haha.

      @Iron_Dog - I don't want to pay for it either. I would never use that outfit nor the wig. I don't care to deal with trying to sell the stuff either.
    16. @xyuemoto Yeah, I have enough random wigs/eyes/etc. and really don't need to be adding to the collection of stuff I don't use (and am too lazy to post for sale).
    17. If we start to comments on their instagram and ask for a normal release of ID51 they might listen to us. Otherwise they will only release the limited full set. Happened in the past. Hyperon looks gorgeous in ID51. But i really cant tell the difference of him and the past release of Zak 51 in a military outfit. I have this feeling this is a sailor/captain outfit that was really popular and got sold out. But i dont want this outfit as it will hike up the price up.
    18. I was assuming it is a copy of the recent ID75 Admiral outfit!
    19. Forest Monarch with extra fanged head full set I'd go for, but not normal human admiral. Too many other, bendier dolls that size to choose from.
      lots of Zaks lately. :roll: Time to update that body and bring out some new faces.