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Soom Idealian 51 Discussion

Mar 4, 2011

    1. Wait, is Zak and Hyperion the same face sculpt? I can't tell (I'm faceblind) but I always thought they were different sculpts. Was I tricked by a different face-up on the same face?
    2. No, they are different sculpts. Soom is pretty good about keeping a name with a sculpt.
    3. So I didn't fail. Go me!

      It wouldn't be the first time I failed to recognize a sculpt. The worst was when I was at a local meet and saw a doll I thought was gorgeous. I asked the owner what sculpt it was only to find out that it was not only a sculpt I owned (Angel Toast Crow), I had actually brought that doll with me to the meet and he was sitting next me to the whole time.
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    4. In your defense, a different faceup can make a doll look totally different!
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    5. True enough.
    6. Idealian only releases one 51 a year, right? I guess I'll be waiting a long time for them to do another one that I actually like (and hopefully it's not full set only).
    7. There were five ID51 releases in 2011, three in 2012, two in 2014, one in 2016, one in 2017 and one in 2018. I didn't count the centaur releases as the human version was also offered. Some of those years were very quiet on all releases. I believe this is the first full set ID51!

      Soom does listen to customer requests so be sure to let them know what you want on the Q&A board! They might still release just the doll with or shortly after the full set.
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    8. Tawny Elf Hyperon. Sooooo tempting. The outfit is beautifully done, too. But, I have another doll in mind for my
      summer doll money. Now, if he had an extra fanged head....yes. :wiggle
    9. The outfit is beautiful but not something that I'd use. He's gorgeous but I'm thinking I'm safe from him if they release him as just the doll as I've been eyeballing another doll. I have to use some restraint with my dolly spending considering how much I've already spent this year and the amount of face-ups I need to get done. My wallet is weeping softly in a corner already.
    10. I asked about non full set release on the Q&A.

      Their response: "We have release plan for the ID51 in this year, but unfortunately nothing has been decided for the details now."

      So maybe they have yet to do a normal idealian 51 release this year? If they get to it.
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    11. That's a more positive response than they usually give. Usually they just say they'll pass the suggestion on to the design team.
    12. I generally run like hell from military uniforms, but the Little Admiral fullset calls to mind Napoleon Bonaparte, who doesn't freak me out the way modern dictators do. If I had the money I would be seriously tempted, especially considering Hyperon's slightly pointy ears.
    13. Ugh i love Hyperon but I sadly do not want that fullset
    14. Im the opposite, I love the oufit, hat and boots, just not the doll himself (Love hyperon, but not in that size)

      I wish they sold them separately. They always sold them separately so Im not sure why this sudden bundle

      The navy suit for ID75 sold quick, so maybe that is why, and make it an incentive to get the ID51. Plus it seems the ID51's are one per person, because I cant check how many sold since I cant increase the amount
    15. Why I didn’t know about it that year?…………