Soom Idealian 51 Discussion

Mar 4, 2011

    1. I am really bad at envisioning scale, but I'm wondering if these guys will be in scale to Soom's Remaining Story 43cm dolls? I mean, those dolls are children, and the Idealian guys will likely be mature guys, so will RS dolls be able look like the in-scale children of ID51 dolls?

      If that question makes any sense at all x.O /brain explodes
    2. Even for his odd size, he sure is hot.....ugh. Whyyyy 60-70cm would have been real nice !
    3. I very much agree and hope for a younger look. I don't care for mature looking small muscle men, but a younger Photon or Gluino would be the death of my $aving$.......
    4. So there are supposedly pictures of him? I've been waiting for
      about ten minutes and nothing loads, really disappointing :-\
    5. Souldoll's Vito line is that height, but from comparison photos I've seen, their scale is more in line with MSD-sized dolls (they're tall, muscular 1/4 scale dolls, not short, stocky-muscular 1/3 scale dolls). I'm hoping for something like Zaoll, which is a 52cm SD-sized doll, but I want one that's male and ripped.

      Mostly, this is because I'm in love with the Bichun head, but want him for a character that's meant to be a LOT shorter than an EID, Idealian, or MegaGem (which, as far as I know, are the only bodies the EID male heads will fit on). A 57cm-58cm body would be perfect for this guy. And "shortening" an EID body isn't really something I want to try to take on (though in the end I may not have a choice, if I want him).

      As far as I know, there aren't any pictures of any Idealian51 models available yet. The Idealian for March (York) is listed as being an Idealian73.
    6. You lost me. :) I think you're talking about proportions which I can see. Is the picture you're talking about a Vito with a Zaoll? I know gals on the thread were asking about that but I don't think any were ever posted. A lot of them felt they may make a good pairing though.

      The ID51 links are just taunting us right now.

      As for Bichun, him is purdy. I can see your dilemma. I'm no a modder, but I don't know how far you can shorten before you lose the proportions. Hopefully the ID51 will work for you.
    7. No, I haven't seen any pictures of Zaoll and Vito together. And yes, I'm talking about proportions. If you look at a mature 45cm doll like a Minifee or one of the smaller Narae, they're clearly 1/4 scale adults. While dolls like the Volks MSD are the same height (45cm or so) but are clearly 1/3 scale children. The Souldoll Vito line seems like a tall 1/4 scale adult, not a short 1/3 scale adult. Conversely, a Zaoll seems like a short 1/3 scale adult or teen. I'm hoping the Idealian51 line will be like short 1/3 scale adults, not tall 1/4 scale adults.

      Sadly, height isn't the only thing that determines the scale of a doll. Collecting would be so much easier if it were!
    8. Wow this London guy looks like a hunk, and steampunk too! Is he really going to be in the 50cm range?
    9. I agree with Kiyakotari; Vito's head is about the same as an average 1/4 doll (7/8) and next to an SD sized doll, he looks out of proportion to me, although I have read that he can wear some SD clothes. I'm thinking of buying one for that reason; he looks like a tall mature 1/4 size. I am anxious to find out the head size of the Soom dolls. Most human heads are approximately the same size, whether the person is short or tall. Since most bjd's are stylized, I'm guessing this guy's head will be small too.
    10. Soom posted a notice that the Idealian51 guys are 51 cm not 52 cm.
    11. *incomprehensible gibberish* Wow, did you see the preview of the newest guy? How is SOOM just getting better and better with all these sculpts?!
    12. Hey guys - this is the speculation and general chat about the Idealian51 line as a whole. If you want to talk about London his thread is over ---->[thread=437082]here[/thread].
    13. I am in the 'not my size' boat, but very impressed with the detailing ... if I hadnt have known that the size was a mini ID, both body and outfit are fantastically propotioned - great for those with not much space and find full size too heavy/big, etc
    14. Soom now has pictures up of the naked ID51 body here.
    15. ooh, these pictures are fabulous ... was thinking for any minimee MSD heads which are usually too big for 45cm MSDs, and if a muscular body was preferred, this would be the perfect body (resin colour match pending of course) thanks for the link Auska :)
    16. I like the size, personally. Might bite - I have enough odd sizes anyways, what's one more? Clearly taller than my minis, most of which (despite mature bodies) still look teenager-ish, but a more manageable hunk of resin. Says they fit SD sized clothing - I'm assuming they mean around, and that it'll still be too long (unless you really like to dress mature men in the sorts of things you might find for an SDC...), but too long's much easier to deal with than too tight!
    17. The Idealian 51 body is on a Soom Gem centauroid here: Zinc. It looks in good proportion to the horse body.

      Discussion thread for Soom Gem Special Orders.

      i hope i got the formatting right.

      Now, if only anyone not employed by Soom can see an Idealian 51 in her or his hands!
    18. Soom will be the death of us all with all these new releases!! Who knows what they will come up with next!
    19. Would want the new centaur boy's face in human, and NS. That would be so perfect. XD
    20. I want the new guy in human form as well, I wonder if they would consider that in the future.