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Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. I think there was a thread with that kind of hybrids?
    2. I fell in love with the new Nor also. D8 I've always loved the sculpt, but for some reason the gray skin really got to me! And those wings are amazing! I bought him to be a sort of counterpart to my Soom Shale who is in white skin. :D Congrats on your purchase! What color did you get?
    3. I got the white skin! The gray is gorgeous too but a friend told me that seams aren't removable because sanding them would damage the color of the resin >m< I can't stand seams that would hurt my hands , just a pet peeve for me so I ordered the safer white instead, but they are both beautiful!
    4. Ooh that's awesome! I was torn between the two colors but they are both beautiful! You're right about the seams. D8 Did you get the white wings as well?
    5. yes I got the white one! I see that they updated the magnet bodies on the nor&dune page, I think they will include two types of wing attachment for the bodies!
    6. I saw that too! I'm hoping that they will! Those white wings are gorgeous. I almost got them instead of the black but I went with black as I didn't want to be stuck with the white horns. xD
    7. Hey, I bought rico mermaid body from other hobbyist, and now I have a little problem. I got like 4 different size of string with body and I have no clue what I should use. If anyone can help a bit and check their mermaids that would be awesome :). I stringed her with 'bout medium size string (what I use for my other MSD dolls), but it kind of feels like too loose.
    8. Ah you are right... But I think I can blush the white horn into black once I'm done with the white ones XD
    9. @Nightshadow
      My serin has only 2 strings - short for arms and long for body+mermaid tail
      Other strings may be for human body or extra?
    10. Good point! xD I think they will look good either way!
    11. Yeah might be. :) Her last owner said that she have no idea what strings the body had so (since it's been over year when mermaid body was stringed) she put some extra with it. Oh well, maybe I just try and figure out!
    12. I just realised I haven't shared my Alula here yet. He was my second second-hand doll and is the Golden Light Children version of Shale. I'd love to get another Little Gem but so far Soom haven't released any I've been interested in recently, which is probably better for my wallet :XD:

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    13. Alula is amazing! That look is perfection! And I'm with you, @Magical Rin! The new ones are cute but none are screaming "buy meeee," thankfully.

      I took a zillion pictures of my Sueve yesterday, and, as usual, ended up with 1 reasonable one, hahaha. She's quite cotton candy-esque here. I used to want to sell her, but I'm glad she's still with me. Funny how that goes.

      Cotton Candy
      by Julianne, on Flickr
      #33 alisondanger, May 20, 2018
      Last edited: May 21, 2018
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    14. omg She is so lovely!! :)
    15. Thank you !!! :D
      I am happy to hear that.
      Here more photo of her, I think she fit better with light tone things. :whee:
      [​IMG]IMG_9935 by yume kaori, on Flickr
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    16. I love everyone's photos!

      My Soom Cheshire is the only MSD I have at the moment and I love him to bits. I was so happy when Soom re-released him.
      by Cyamone ✿, on Flickr
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    17. I barely seen this sculpt, but she definitely inspired me! :kitty1
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    18. It feels like lately Soom has been using the same style for faceups, which I... completely do not care for in the slightest. That little pink line on the inside of the eyelid looks terrible to me. I guess it's a good thing, since it keeps me from seeing and falling in love with anything, but it's still saddening that they've shifted to things I don't like.
    19. Has anyone seen that there's a list of pre-order and in-stock stuff up for the Project Doll convention? Borol and Marl are listed as Little Gem centaurs, I really hope they'll be actual deertaurs! :D
    20. Haven't posted pics of my Volo boy in a while. Apologies for my bad camera!
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