Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. Love your Volo, @Magnus Vale!

      I finally made the last payment on Nor and I'm so excited to have him paid off! I put the new Cheshire on layaway as well because I adore the tawny skin tone. ;o; One more payment for him, hehe~ Now I have to start planning for clothes and faceups. xD It's a lot!
    2. Aaaaa this is a disaster! I have $100 in Soom credit that I've been waiting forever to cash in (mostly waiting for one of their pet dolls to take my fancy). And then today I check the site, not expecting much, and they have basic Trond and Kivi, one of my biggest grails!!! And the default boy face-up is 100% bang on perfect for a character I never expected to be able to shell...

      The only problem is money (of course, isn't it always?). My budget is meant to be $100, not $400 :doh

      Hopefully I've found out about them early enough to do some scrambling!
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    3. [​IMG]

      working on finding head i want to use
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    4. Can i see your volo's?♡
      Hope to own one someday she is my grail :D
    5. So my Summer (Soom Kivi) just got back from the spa and I have to show her off with her brother Grey.

      Credits - Summer is a Soom Kivi wearing Dollmore clothes and an Angell-Studio wig - faceup by @meenist . Grey is a Soom Grey wearing a Leekeworld wig and Volks clothes - default Soom faceup.
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    6. I just sent my earless Roxen off to get ears made and blushing. Next projects involve getting my Volo, Cheshire, Yuki, and Thera blushed (and get my Dain a body!) and then I can make clothes for them!

      Edit: oooo, a Pel! She looks cute, if I had the funds to buy another doll I might be tempted to get her. That outfit is awesome... but I'm also really disappointed. The "fantasy parts" consist of the horns and nail hands in the pictures... and then completely unrelated hoof parts that weren't shown in any of the pictures of the doll! So if I want to buy everything in the picture, I have to buy these irrelevant hooves.
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    7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was really confused by the random hooves!

      Tbh I set myself up for disappointment because as soon as I saw the subtitle was 'Poisonous Fascination' I was all "Little Gem Vesuvia?????" when I should have known the odds were high for yet another set of hooves...
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    8. I might actually be tempted if they ever release a Little Gem Vesuvia. Yarn and Silky's tails were a little too string-of-beads shaped for me, but a Little Gem would be big enough for a decent tail.

      I was also annoyed that the horns look like they're part of that headdress in the pictures, if you don't look carefully at the outfit description you will be very confused.
    9. does anyone in here know if they've discontinued the non blossom body variant for the girl body?
    10. It seems like it. Though they might offer the older body in a free choice event in the future.
    11. I recently fell in love Soom and started to have new family from Soom Idealian. Now I fell in love again with Soom again and it's little gem Serin. I loved tawny Dorothy in Male ver. but it was really hard to find him and luckly I was able to get tawny Serin! However it was head only so I bought tawny boy body from soom webpage which is Langdain's body.
      I'm so excited and at the same time、it's new size for me so I'm kind of pressured myself to get stuff for him from head to toe.
      This is one of my bad habits that I have to buy stuff and need to get ready before doll arrives home

      So i have quick question to all little gem owner、how long do they normally take to ship the item when you buy body itself?? As I wrote、 head is second hand and body is from shop、 and I'm so curious that how long will The Gem will take to ship the body. because when I got my idealian Soom fully took 98days to ship and I do not want to think about that I will have same experience for this new boy
    12. i finally bought a head for my soom body :D
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    13. I picked up those random hooves they listed awhile back along side the Pel re-release for my Dune re-release. I'm not sure why they had the fantasy legs/parts as an extra option (rare to see such a thing from SOOM) - but I am so So Sooooo happy they did. I couldn't be more pleased <3

      SOOM Dune - grey
      by lunar backbone, on Flickr
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    14. I love the little faun legs/fantasy legs they've put on the Little Gems. They're so cute, but also look really stable compared to a lot of other companies' takes on the theme.

      Your Dune looks great!
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    15. Oh BOY! SOOM has my attention! Pale Violet BUNNIES? About time they used those Mylo/Teschen bunny parts! Does anyone here have pale violet parts? I already have a hybrid bunny in NS using the soom Teschen/Mylo parts, but I'm very tempted with this violet option. Is it as grey as it looks in photos?
    16. These are so good. Very ethereal in a way.
      Super Kawaiiiiiii
      The color combinations make this such a vibrant photo.
      This is a simple yet epic photo!
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    17. Your Dune is stunning. I had to go to your Flickr and like all of her photos! ❤️❤️❤️
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    18. I'm also very excited for the bunnies! Soom has gotten to me again, aaah.

      Apologies for the double post but I just ordered the new Koori with both heads and in the violet skin tone. ;v; Is anyone else planning to order them?
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    19. Im really tempted to order! But I'm not sure if I want Violet or Normal skin! What sold you on the violet? I already havea hybrid NS bunny so I miiiight try violet, but it looks more grey?
    20. The pale violet is quite pale. There is a comparison back on Aug 25th on the idealian_studio in Instagram.