Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. I just liked the look of it better than the normal skin bunny, heh. I thought it looked really good! I like the pale color. <3
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    2. Aww, nice! :D I can't decide which resin color to get aaaah. But I think I'm leaning towards pale violet!
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    3. Does anyone know the secret to getting the knee and elbow joints to work well? My Kivi is really kicky. I've tried hot glue sueding with limited success; maybe I just need to try again?
    4. I had good luck with thicker elastic. On one doll I went so far as to use shock cord for the hooves. Worked as well as if I had wired her.
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    5. @Dakashy Thank you for the suggestion, I'll try it! I have some SD size elastic sitting around somewhere, now just to find it...
    6. I bought a secondhand violet volo but what wig size does she have?
      And what cloting size ?
    7. Little gems fit MSD clothing, but standard sizes, not things made for slim dolls like minifees.

      As for wigs they wear 7-8.
    8. Anyone have any tips for stringing Nor/Dune's bird feet? I bought the legs years ago, and haven't had a doll to put them on. I bought a second-hand Little gem Shale recently, and was thinking of putting the legs on him.

      Is there even any sort of trick to stringing the fantasy parts or is it just like stringing the regular feet? Do I use the same S-hooks as with the human legs or do I need some specific hooks? I bought the legs as a split-order with someone else, so there weren't any S-hooks included with them.
    9. I didn't have this particular model, but I've seen 3 types of stringing the fantasy legs on Soom dolls :
      - with a S-hook :
      -- exactly like a foot, the fantasy-foot can be hung to the S-hook (but only seen it on the tiny gems)
      -- the string pass through the foot, and the S-hook, bigger than the main string-hole is only used to prevent the string to go back in the calf.
      - the foot part has a "hook-like" resin part : you just have to hang the string to it.

      I hope it helps, I'm really sorry for my bad english !
    10. My Shale arrived! He was strung INCREDIBLY tight, literally curled up in a fetal position in the box. :/ It's a miracle there wasn't any damage to the joints. I took him apart, and now I'm waiting for the shops to open on Monday so I can go and buy new elastics for him! Might as well clean and seal all the body parts while waiting.
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    12. I need a second opinion here, guys. I'm looking at the Han & Asronn – Wolf Elves that's out right now, and trying to decide if, with a different head and blushing, the white one could work for a fluffy cat. I've been waiting for a body that would work for my second catgirl for ages, and I'm considering this one, but not sure if it's just my desperation that's trying to convince me it would work.

      And here's my other catgirl, on a Grey/Ace body and waiting for me to reopen my studio so she can be blushed up and start getting shown off. :)

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    13. Considering it’s the Cheshire Cat fantasy parts I don’t see why not.
    14. Is it? No wonder I was thinking it might work. :) I was just getting thrown off by the wolf naming. In that case, I think I just might be ordering!
    15. that orange tone around the eyes is everything!
    16. I saw this on flicker and then here! I love your doll so much!!! The parts are so cute, I totally missed out on that ;-; Hope they can have another pre-order for the legs!
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    17. My Turb/Roxen came today! I haven't figured out the name yet, but seriously loving them!

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    18. Has anyone received their Han/Asronn yet? I haven't seen anything of them aside from the news post. I was so sad to have missed the ordering period, but I am also curious what people's actual experience of them will be / are.. :3
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