Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. Ai decided to check out his upstairs neighbors today, since they got a new house! They decided to completely ignore him in favor of grooming each other for upwards of 20 minutes.

      I'll also be having a secondhand Tuff/Sueve girl joining my little family soon, so super excited! Have plans for her character already.
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    2. @Magnus Vale looks like hes ignoring them in return too, or plotting something against them :whee:

      @yumenokaori she looks amazing! She looks like an expensive art doll
      Love all the details in her clothes, hair and shoes, super cool

      Anyone else here snag one of the brick red Aphan's? They sold out pretty quick!! *_*
      My heart was racing because everything was loading very slow and annoying :x, but I managed to adopt one thankfully:eusa_pray
    3. Haha, @GreenTeaSlug, you're right! He's probably just mad they're ignoring him for the photo op. Ai is serious about his artistry.

      The red tone is quite pretty, glad you were able to snag one!

      My own new arrival just came in a few days ago, thanks to a lovely user here, Clarinne is now part of the family! I think I'm going to need to restring her, which is mildly terrifying, but I'll manage, haha!
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    4. Is it just me, or did the Han and Asronn wolf elves disappear from the site? I'm really concerned, because my order also disappeared...
    5. Are you sure you are getting to the new site?
    6. I checked again this morning... I still don't know why, but mobile dumped me in the old site! I did get over to the new one this morning and all is good. :)
    7. Rae is very busy being cute today.

      I feel like Rae poses so much better than my Volo boy for some reason. I wonder if they improved the body slightly. Or maybe they just strung them better. Alternatively, I really need to restring Aidrian.
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    8. My doll is here! :D I really only wanted her for her body, so the head will be shipped out again soon; my longest standing floating head finally has her body! (And it's going to need some work, there's a ten year age difference between the head and body, but she has a body!)

      [​IMG]Rubiana Assembled! by vicemage, on Flickr
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    9. Upgrade new clothes style for my babe :drool:drool

      by yume kaori, on Flickr

      I really love how Soom sculpt their Mini Doll, all of them look great!
      I am waiting for their Chesire cat smile version to come back, since I remember Chesire just come back recently but not with smile version, so sad :eusa_pray
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    10. @yumenokaori She is absolutely lovely! That dress and all those flowers are absolutely gorgeous on her!
      Personally, I'm hoping for a return of Pel, but the Cheshire smile is quite cute as well!

      Haven't posted a group pic of all of my Sooms together, so here's a photo of Rae, Clarinne and Aidrian all together! Poor Clar and Ai are both waiting on new elastic, because they're a bit floppy at the moment.
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    11. Omg I love your Soom group!
      I was browsing through Soom a few days ago (I was a month into getting back into this hobby haha) and I totally fell in love with Turb x Roxen face sculpt ahh. Can't wait/hope that they'll bring them back for order again (or maybe look through the 2ndhand market for them if I'm in luck haha :) )
      I'm glad to hear that they're great to pose with though :love
    12. Thank you! I've taken pictures of all of them with others, but never as a group yet.
      Turb x Roxen are super cute! I was so happy when they did a rerelease recently, hopefully they'll do another one that you can snag at some point!
      And yes, they do pose nicely, as long as they're strung tightly enough! I've had Aidrian (Volo) for a while, and got Clarinne from a user here, so they are in desperate need of new elastic (which hopefully will be sent out from Alice's Collections soon). Rae, who is newer, poses like an absolute dream though, since they're strung so nicely. Ai, at least, can still stand up, but poor Clari is chair bound until we get her the new stuff. I did restring her arms, however, with the tiny bit of elastic I had, so at least she can pose those!
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    13. Just ordered a grey skin Winged Thera to go with my cream white Wingless Thera!
    14. Oh, I love the wings and horns on these! I was sad that I missed the Dune/Nor Regression, I'll probably pick up one of these pretties!
    15. Okay, I apologize if this is the wrong place to go about asking but I was curious- is it possible to find a hybrid for JUST the bust piece on a Soom Little Gem? I'm in love with Thera, but I was curious about having a different bust for her!
    16. I haven't tried it with other companies, but the flat chested girl and blossom bust torso pieces are interchangeable.
    17. Hi! I'm new here. Want to share photos of my sweet girl, but I'm not sure if I may post pics of my doll here as she is a hybrid (Soom Serin head + DollZone body).

      [​IMG]Phin white by Caramel Apple, on Flickr
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