Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. @dunkelhelllila Your girl is lovely and you may post hybrid pictures if either the head or body is on topic.
    2. @dunkelhelllila She's so pretty! I feel like she and my Clarinne are sharing a very similar sense of style at the moment as well...
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    3. Awesome picture.
    4. On one hand, I'm happy that Soom actually released something new, in Erland and Aisling's skeleton bodies.
      On the other hand, I'm sad, because macabre horror skeletal is completely not my cup of tea, and I have no interest in this actually new thing Soom's done.
    5. @Layn I can understand both feelings. I find the skeleton body interesting. I'm thinking of buying one on layaway since it wouldn't be for Halloween anyway! It would be a once a year use, so I have to decide if it's worth it!
    6. Personally I love the skeleton body, and it fits one of my characters perfectly, so I definitely want it. I can see why it wouldn't appeal to people though. I'm a little sad that the Erland/Aisling head doesn't have fantasy ears though. :P
    7. I'm just happy Soom is offering the parts separately. I like the wings, but the arm things are gross to me and noooooot my thing. Erland is one of my top 3 fav little gems and they took away his elf ears... still considering it though.

      Still, as others have said I'm happy it's new. Soom is on a streak of recycled parts or low fantasy "basically human anyway" dolls and I'm happy this exists
    8. @Littlebirdzoom I'm a little sad about the missing elf ears too. I actually like the arms, since I have a character who's supposed to be undead-ish, and it'll suit him perfectly. It's a pretty cool idea, and I hope they keep coming up with new stuff! Or not, since it's not good for my heh heh...I have both Erland and the regression Thera on layaway, since I've always wanted a Thera as well and was sad that I had previously missed the Dune/Nor Regression set.

      In other news, Aidrian is looking cute as always.
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    9. @Magnus Vale Aidrian looks amazing!

      This is my Cheshire, Roary. I'm finally posting a pic.

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    10. I bought Erland!! :D I got the white skin and dragon wings and I got the extra LG hands 04... not sure if those are the ones I wanted, there's no pictures on the website. Wanted the pointy nail ones, but I'm fine with either TBH

      I wanted Thera so badly!! I had major regrets, so I had my fiance press the payment button for Erland xD Did you get your Thera with the faceup?

      Side note: does anyone know if Soom changed their production policy? They used to only start making the doll after the last payment, but there's no mention of it on the new site. It says they start when they confirm a payment instead
    11. I also got white skin for my Erland! Based on the parts listing for hands on the website, I think 04 are the hands with the pointy nails. My boy will have the skeleton hands, haha.

      I did get my Thera with faceup, since I thought it looked super pretty and I've always been pretty happy with how Soom's faceups turn out. They're one of the few companies whose faceups match their photos closely! I didn't get the faceup for Erland, however, since I want him to have a specific look.

      And sorry, I don't actually know about their policy. I remember the old policy you mentioned, but have no idea if/how it's changed.
    12. Soom re-released Volo and Lux as ice gargoyles.
    13. I don't care that it's the exact same fantasy parts as before. That powder blue resin is amazing, and the blushing on the horns and wings!
      I actually like the faceup for once, which is sad, because I'm getting a Volo and plan to have her eyes modded open (I don't like the closed eyes of the Volo sculpt at all, but I want fantasy ears)
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    14. Ok, that will sound very silly but Lux and Volo are the same sculpt? because the only difference seen to be the normal and romantic version.
    15. Yeah, it's only the body version ! One is supposed to be a girl (Lux ?) and the other a boy ^^
    16. Thanks! That makes sense but I was really worried I was missing one photo in there lol
    17. I believe the order is boy name girl name. For Shale and Adamelli, Shale was the boy version and Adamelli was the girl version.
    18. Man, I totally agree with you on the eye thing! As lovely as my Lux boy is, I wish the open eyed version had the fantasy ears! They do this all the time, I wish they had more regular eye and not romantic heads with the fantasy ears. *grumps*
      That said, it's a good think I already have him, otherwise I'd be jumping on this set. It's absolutely gorgeous, love the icy theme and the faceup is great this round too!

      Speaking of my Aidrian (Lux), here he is with my newest family member Ashe (Goss), competing for the title of prettiest boy in the Vale househould, haha.
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    19. Your boys are beautiful.

      I wish their romantic eyes were a bit more open, because I like that format of eyes but also enjoy seeing the eye itself better.
    20. Oh wow, it‘s been sooo long since I‘ve ordered from SOOM, but I don‘t think I‘ll be able to resist Lux and Volo:love I‘ve been hoping for a re-release because I really regret not ordering them the first time they were released. And I love that blue color:whee: I think I‘ll only buy the romantic version with fantasy parts, though. Ordering the full set with an additional body is just way too expensive for me right now.

      Btw, is it just me or has it gotten more quiet here over the years? I‘ve been gone for about four years and I remember there being a lot more posts on the SOOM threads than there are at the moment. Maybe I‘m overthinking this, but I it‘s just something I noticed^^“