Soom Little Gem Monthly Mini Doll discussion (part 7)

Dec 7, 2017

    1. I'm excited for you to get your blue Mylo! I'm not too experimental with my resin colors, but I find it welcoming whenever people get a shade that is out of the ordinary. :D I got a light violet shade part before and it looks like ethereal white when placed beside a cream white that is a shade near to yellow. Or maybe just it's my eyes messing with me :P Looking forward to see great plans with your incoming Mylo!
    2. Been practicing taking photos with my new camera, and my Kristoph (Ray/Luna) has been a very obliging model. I'm also excited since my Shale is on his way over here, even if he is stuck in shipping delays.

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    3. Hello!
      I hope this is the right thread to post this in... if not, please let me know where the right place is.
      I recently adopted a Soom Thera from someone, and was wondering where everyone finds the clothes/wigs/eyes for theirs? I'm only the littlest bit familiar with MSDs so far, so I'm not too sure where to get everything else/the sizes for smaller dolls. Any help would be appreciated!! (Also, if anyone happens to have photos of their own Soom Theras, I'd love to see them...!!!)
      Thanks in advance!
    4. Hi !

      Soom MSD are really quite "common" MSD Size, so you can take 7/8 wigs and MSD clothes and shoes. They are similar to Luts MSD for example, so Luts clothes or clothes phorographied with a Luts MSD will fit well.
      For the eyes, it really depends on the effect you want on your doll ! I'd say 14 are good, some 12 can fit too, and 16... I personnaly don't really like too big eyes, but it's a personnal taste :)
    5. @schneewittchen Congrats on your new Thera! As Alishino said, Soom Little Gems are pretty easy to find fittable clothing on. My wannabe sentai team below is wearing MSD or 1/4 sized clothes from a variety of different places, including Etsy shops, Taobao, Luts, etc, so if you need any recommendations, I can definitely give them! Any 7/8 wig does fit well, I've used Luts, Licht, Leeke and other places just fine.

      As for eyes, I personally prefer 14, but 16 can work too. My Shale boy is currently wearing 16s, while the rest of my crew is 14s.

      The current crew with me at the moment, trying out their new team poses. Clockwise from upper left: Ashe (Goss/Thera), Rae (Turb/Roxen), Siegfried (Shale/Adamelli), Kristophe (Ray/Luna), and Aidrian (Lux/Volo)!
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    6. Thank you for your kind responses!! I actually wasn't able to end up getting the Thera but I hope to adopt a Soom, soon... u_u I loved seeing your cute dolls, thank you for the photo!!!
    7. @schneewittchen Aw, well I hope you get another opportunity soon! Little gems are really adorable, I'm totally charmed by their fantasy line! I'm pretty sure that the release for the end of this month is going to be Serin/Rico, which may or may not be an issue for my wallet depending on the theming. Probably going to hold out for a re-release of Dune/Nor, I've wanted one for quite a while.

      On a clothes related note, does anyone know a nice pair of laced or stretch pants or shorts, preferably with elasticized waist, that could work with Soom's Little Gem hooves, particularly Shale/Adamelli? I have two pairs of pants I can get over Sieg's giant hooves, but I'm not 100% sold on either for his aesthetic.
      Sieg's gym shorts
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    8. My search for a Zedo the Illusionist Surprise head has proven fruitless :( Did anyone order it so I can stare at it and be jealous?
    9. They are all so precious wow! * O * The outfits you picked for them are so cute!
    10. Aw, thanks so much! I love designing outfits for my dolls, it makes me super happy! I especially appreciate Ashe's (Goss/Thera) and Kris's (Ray/Luna) outfits, since they both open in the back for wings! Aidrian's (Lux/Volo) shirt unfortunately doesn't let him wear his wings, but I needed a lavender dress shirt for his aesthetic.
    11. I can't help with clothes but I love the way your Sieg look! I always regret that my Adamelli (Irmelin) doesn't have any fantasy part, especially romantic head with horn :pout:

      And here she is ^^
      Link for photo on Flickr
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    12. Aww, she's so cute!

      I actually taught myself to blush recently, so I've been detailing all of the fantasy parts of my Soom babs (and giving a few manicures). I actually started the blushing on the lower part up too high, so there's a bit of chipping already where the two parts meet, but I can always fix it myself if it gets too bad.


      I'll definitely have to post pics of Kristophe's wings and Nico's hands later, since they were up next!
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    13. I hope this is the right thread and I apologize if it is not. While I don't own a little gem currently, I just wanted to say that I really love the looks and designs of them. I was really impressed with the outfit designed for the new ones - Sody and Lody - but they certainly sold out fast!
    14. @jessholy SOOM's little gems really are lovely, they are some of my favorite dolls, especially with their fantasy parts!

      I took Aidrian and Nikolaus out the other day for a walk and got some nice pics! Niko's back to the black and white wig, he looks better in it than the giant white fluffy one.
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    15. I really want the latest Mylo release and have a few questions about her. I had the first Mylo, sold her few years ago and have been hoping that Soom would release her again.

      My questions are; is Mylo available in blue, and if any of you have her, could you put up a photo?. Also what do you think her price should be aftermarket? I will be posting a "want to buy" here on the marketplace but would really like to have an idea what I will be paying. I don't mind paying more than the Soom price, just don't want to pay a crazy inflated price.

      thanks in advance for any replies:)
    16. I wish we could see their outfits more but they weren't even put up for sale from what I can see. Maybe they will go up later tonight?
    17. [​IMG]

      So ridiculously happy right now. Dune/Nor has always been one of my grails, and he finally arrived!
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