Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. I hope your tracking code get fixed soon :)
      Can't wait to see pictures
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    2. They just released Minel! Anyone getting one? I just wish there were more differences since the face looks like Rudy...
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    3. Not my cup of tea... and yeah, thats Rudys face :/
    4. I just saw Minel and aaaahhh I'm so excited, I really like him! I actually really like how he looks like Rudy and Leepy, since I love them and I don't have either right now. I also really like the big ears and the gem theme and pants are soooo cute!!
    5. Oh my gosh. Minel is SO adorable!! She/he? Looks like Rudy without all the extras! Ahh!! Sooo cute!!:drool
    6. Minel looks cute, especially in the picture where it has it's ears turned down. Only I'm sad they didn't show pictures of the blank doll. With all those gems it's hard to see what the ears and tail would look like without them.

      I went ahead and sent an email asking if they have pictures of the doll without faceup and blushing.
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    7. I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but, what sort of animal is Minel supposed to be?
    8. From the ears and the tail, I'm guessing Minel is a rabbit. I like the gem-themed face-up.
    9. My best guess is a deer faced flop ear, but everyone else says rabbit so I guess that's it?
      (not a dumb question at all, I was wondering myself. One of the reasons I want to see the ears without the gems)
    10. I was loading up my cart with a little grey Minel with the works, but it seems they're double charging for the outfit? It says $37, and then charges another $37 when you choose outfit A or B, for a total of $74. It's cute, but not that cute! lol I sent them a question about it, and if it turns out it's only $37 for the outfit, I'll finish up buying.

      @sno4wy Totally legit question! As others have said, looks like a cross between Rudy and Leepy to me. So... it's a Beer? (bunny deer) ;)

      I wish we could get some of that "ore" they're mining too! lol Mine may have to just settle with getting some Starburst candy. XD
    11. $74 for that outfit seems too much I hope it’s a mistake.
    12. If it was listed as $74 it was definitely a mistake, it's marked as $37 now.
    13. But when you try to choose a color it adds another $37 making your total $74. They haven’t fixed it yet. Or that is one expensive pair of pants.
    14. There must an error in how the pricing was set up for the outfit. There is no way the doubled price is right.
    15. Oh man, I always loved Rudy's face but don't own one so Minel seems perfect and super adorable to me, but between not knowing what's up with the crystals on its body/face (Are they part of the doll or part of the faceup/blushing, and if so what's underneath?) and the outfit overpricing issue I'll for sure be waiting to order one if I do decide to get one, yikes.
    16. I'm so indecisive about getting Minel. I just adore him. But I'm confused about the crystals too.
    17. The gems are part of the blushing and faceup, so if you order the doll without them you won't have the gems. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the doll without. :pout:
      If you read the description at the bottom of the page it says the faceup comes with the gems on the forehead, and the bodyblushing comes with the gems on the tail and ear parts. So if you want al the gems you need to select both options. :)
    18. Well that's extra bizarre that the ear gems are part of the body blushing. Paying an extra $95 USD to get the gems is kind of dumb in my mind.
    19. Thank you for clarifying! I suppose I could have read through the entire thing :XD:
      That does make another huge conflict though. Those are some expensive gems (Which kinda look like glitter?) :lol: I don't think it's worth THAT much to get glitter.
    20. I don't think it's that bad... Minel's Face-up is $50 and the body blushing is $45, while a previous Petit Gem Meipy's Face-up is $40 and Body Blushing was $48. So it's $3 - $10 extra for the gems...