Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. They replied to me and the outfit issue is fixed! $37, much better!
      Yeah, faceup usually includes ears, but I really like the big glitter flakes, so will pay.
      On lay away! ;)
    2. I’m really torn on wether or not to order Minel. It is absolutely adorable. But what I really, really want is a Rudy. I feel like I’m settling for Minel because it has Rudys face.
      I guess the real question is do I want to take my chances and hope that Rudy will be rereleased (in a nice color) or am I not going to wait for that miracle and order Minel.
    3. If someone manages to get a picture of blank Minel, I’d like to see it! I’m really smitten with this little cutie, but before deciding to buy I’d really like to see them blank ^_^
    4. I've tried asking for them, both through the contact form on the website and through facebook. I never got a reaction. I really want to see blank (or at least gemless and nude) pictures too so I can try to decide on wether or not I want one. Does anyone know what the best way to reach them is?
      ...only 5 days left and then the order period ends, still haven't decided...
    5. Their Q&A Board is the best way to get a hold of them
    6. Thank you for telling me! I’ll try that
    7. Since the petit gem body isn’t included in the measurements table on the soom website, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me these measurements? (Centimeters please, inches are not my thing)

      Looks like I’ll be ordering a Minel after all and I don’t want it to stand around being nekkid.
    8. Just measured mine:

      bust 5cm
      waist 7cm
      hip 8cm

      full length 9cm
      leg length 5,5cm
      body length 3,5cm

      shoulder width (incl arms) 2,5cm
      feet length 0,7cm

    9. thank you! :3nodding:
      now to make the tiniest dress I ever made...
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    10. BTW there IS a body measurement chart on the original Ondiin ("It is a good day to be happy") page if you need more measurements :3nodding:
    11. Yeah I found that after meanae went to all the trouble of measuring hers. Sorry!
      But thanks, more measurements are always better :)
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    12. Yesterday I got my first petit gem, I was surprised by his size. He is so small:ablink:
      [​IMG]IMG_7791 by BJD Riku, on Flickr
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    13. Soooo..... Anyone received their Minel yet? Sorry I'm being impatient, but the eyes for mine arrived today and now I really want her home and start painting :lol:
    14. Hahahaha! I so know that feeling!
      I'm still busy with my lay away and will be waiting a little while longer.
    15. Well, I doubt that anyone has, but it would be great if they shipped already.
      I'm impatiently waiting for mine, too.
    16. My Minel snuck out of the Soom distribution area without waiting for them to send me a shipping notice, the impatient little monster. She arrived a week ago and is so tiny :love
      One little point of critique I have is that she is advertised as having 12 mm eyes. Well... there was no way I could make my 12 mm eyes fit. The 10 mm eyes I had rolling about do fit though. So the eyes I ordered for her will have to find new owners I guess, and I'll have to see if I can order them again in 10 mm.

      Enough blabbing, here's a picture
      next step: painting
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    17. Well, then I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is not receiving any shipping notices from Soom anymore. ^__^

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    18. Oh wow that is a very nice photo! Do you have any pictures that show their front? I’m curious about the company facup /blushing :)
    19. These little guys are SO adorable!! I wish they would have another one soon, so I could order!
    20. Thank you :).
      Yes, I do have this full front picture. I hope it's helpful to see the face-up. I actually took it more to see her body blushing. It's funny, because I've ordered so many dolls from Soom before, but this is actually the first that I ordered with body blushing from them and I'm surprised, that I really like it! :)

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