Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. Congrats to all orders =)

      I ordered Ruby today too :D I can't wait to play with her =)
    2. @rex I got her in brown tan with the outfit. No blushing/ face up or eyes.

      @Twillow, pretty much! I have quite a few dolls and faceplates over here that I need to paint so hopefully that will help keep me busy.

      @vanori congrats on your order too! which color did you pick?

      It's been a long time since I've owned a Soom doll. What's the quality like these days?
    3. I ordered her in brown tan skin, without face up and blushing =) And i ordered some Soom eyes too ( green and blue glitter eyes) I hope it suits her.

      I had a Soom doll long time ago too. Does anybody know how long is teh current waiting time ? I think 3 months right? =)
    4. i'm probably going to order rudy tomorrow, but i'm having a hard time deciding what skin color and blushing options i want lol! :?
    5. Gosh I thought I was set on the Tawny color but then I saw Soom's photos of them both together in the same lighting and now I'm undecided :sweat I wish they had more photos that shows both of them together...
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    6. Wait, where's this picture of them together? I just checked Rudy's page and didn't see it.
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    7. I think I might go with the Brown Tan from the photos of them together. When I first saw Soom's photo of them it looked like the Tan was a lot darker but that doesn't seem to be the case :)
    8. just ordered rudy in brown tan! :XD: i got her blank because i'd like to get her painted in the future, and i got the little outfit! no more dolls for me for awhile lol
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    9. XD I did the same thing! Brown, blank, with outfit. I think unless something breathtaking comes out I'll be on hold for dolls for a while haha!
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    10. My Rudy is "before shipping" ... xD

      I can wait to see all the cute deers here <3
    11. Whoa, holy cow, mine is too! That's hard to believe. I thought Soom was kinda slow? Or maybe because they were Christmas specials they had a few ready to go.
    12. Ore thats only a mistake? xDD Maybe Soom write "before shipping" but need more time xDD
    13. I think "before shipping" for Soom means that they're working on the order. I know some companies change the status to "before shipping" just before they ship your order out, but other companies change it sometime after the order and payment have been confirmed.
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    14. Yes that can be xD
    15. yeah i'm pretty sure before shipping just means they're working on the order :3nodding: my order said that right after i'd placed it ~
    16. Ok thanks a lot =)
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