Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. So pretty! And the body blushing is very nice too, really adds to the doll
    2. Darn it SOOM! Why?! They just had to go and release a new Leepy, in a cream skin tone! No! I said no new bjds! Well what can you do? Nothing, but order one in cream. I had a grey Leepy and sold her, but I’ve always wanted a cream colored one, now I do. New Years resolution #1broken already......:eusa_naug
    3. The new year hasn't started yet so technically this doesn't count ;)
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    4. That new leepy is amazing! Except.. the feet.. If it's a bunny, I'd expect larger feet, not something hhooves-like.. It's the one thing really putting me off.
    5. Yeah, the feet are a bit odd. At least no need for shoes!
    6. I mean they use the same body for all Petit gems and have brought out Leepy on the same body before, so not sure why there's surprise xD
      It's much easier for them to just use the same body instead of making new parts every time. It's probably why they keep rehashing the same faces as well. I really want a smol gem, but I was hoping for a new face because none of them appeal to me a 100 percent.
    7. Yeah a different body type would be nice or at least a face but I have to say leepy is really cute :D:D
    8. I'm hoping they'll make Fosy again. I'm regretting not ordering one the first time.
    9. Has anyone had any more luck with figuring out what fits these guys? I should be receiving a grey Ondiin I found secondhand soon. The smallest clothing I have is latiyellow, but I'm thinking that might run a bit large...
    10. @Pantalaimon I’m thinking Obitsu 11cm clothing can fit, like dresses. I have an Obitsu 11cm clothing pattern book and the pants would need to be lengthened. Not sure about the sleeves. I had a grey Leepy for a bit and remember her fitting into a tiny raincoat I made from a pattern. Once my cream white Leepy arrives, I can check out the Obitsu patterns better.
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    11. Minel was helping me draw. Somebody needs to guard the eraser.
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    12. @Enitnerolf she is so cute! No one would dare take the eraser, they’d get caught up in the cuteness and forget. Thank you for sharing!

      I’m still waiting for my cream Leepy. It’s only been two months, so maybe a couple more? I’m thinking April?
    13. My minel arrived without shipping warning 2,5 months after I ordered her. But I hear Soom is not very consistent with production and shipping times so it could take longer I guess?

      I'm afraid that my resident eraser thief (my cat) won't be held back by cuteness overload. Any erasers, stones and other small objects near the edge of the table have to go to the ground. But for some reason he leaves Minel alone.
    14. Yay! I got my shipping notification for my Leepy! Soom is so fast! Just over two months wait. Now to be seriously thinking about a name.
    15. Sorry to double post, but my cream Leepy arrived today! So cute! I was able to get all the magnets glued in except for on the bottom of one of the feet. The hole isn’t deep enough. I may try to work on it. At least one foot has a magnet. Also my Leepy came with extra fist hands. I wasn’t expecting them!
    16. Congratulations on her fast arrival!
    17. You have a very cute rubber guard :D

      Hopefully I can also hire such a cute guard for my drawing stuff some day
    18. My Leepy arrived yesterday and had the same problem with one of the foot magnets. I'm wondering if this is a problem specific to this release, because I have a Rudy and her feet magnets are totally fine. I've contacted soom to see if they'll send out a new foot part, because this is a huge issue, these guys need the magnets in their feet to be able to stand. I can still use the stand with only one magnet, but it's a lot harder to get her to pose and she falls over quite easily because she's so top heavy.

      Oh, and with regards to clothing, obitsu11 dresses fit fine, pukipuki/lati white dresses fit but can be a bit short, so you probably want to aim for longer style dresses. I haven't bought any pants for my girls yet, but I doubt anything for obitsu11/pukipuki/lati white is going to fit over those huge hips!
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    19. @Rapps so sorry to hear you have the same foot magnet issue. It is frustrating for sure! I know the hole can be drilled a little deeper, but it is a real hassle to do as you have to be very careful as there isn’t much resin on the sides. I don’t have a Dremmel, so using a drill bit will be difficult. Shouldn’t have to do this though. I thought about contacting Soom, but thought it was just mine. Thank you for the clothing info!
    20. @kurogane it's not even just us, I posted my Leepy on instagram mentioning the issues and so far two other people have told me their leepy has the same problem :c I think it must just be an issue with this particular release. I'm gonna let everyone know what soom tells me and if they're willing to fix the problem then I hope everyone will get in touch and ask them for spare foot parts to be sent out. If they'd just glue in the magnets themselves, they would have spotted this issue before the dolls were sent out. I'm really tempted to leave a message on the Q&A asking them to give people the option to pay extra and have the magnets glued in for them, same as a faceup or sanding service. It's not fair that everyone who orders petit gem dolls should have to do this, not everyone has the fine motor skills for such intricate work!

      I have a dremel but no way in hell would I attempt anything on such a tiny area! I'd be too scared of breaking the foot entirely. Hold off on doing anything to yours until Soom get back to me, if they're happy to send out spare parts it'll save you a lot of hassle!