Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! This makes looking for clothes and patterns a lot easier. :3nodding:

      I'm sorry to hear about the problems with the leepies. Maybe a good idea if everyone with the issue contacts Soom? Then they know that it is a widespread issue, not just one person.
    2. No worries! I'm always glad to help people, I had the same issue when I got my Rudy, couldn't find any info on what fit her. Fortunately I already had pukipuki size stuff to try on her, the obitsu11 stuff was a total gamble. Just for reference, here she is in a long pukipuki dress and an obitsu11 cardigan. Here she is in an obitsu11 dress, it's a little bit baggy in the top, but it's not noticeable when it's on and the length is perfect. Here she is in a shorter style pukipuki dress. I'm planning on getting some shorts/skirts for obitsu11 eventually so I'll report back whether they fit the petit gem body or not! Also, all of my obitsu11 stuff comes from taobao, there are so many nice clothing options for obitsu11 on taobao!
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    3. Thank you for posting pictures! And such nice pictures too! Maybe I need to check out tabao, I've been putting that off for fear of google translate (and my wallet).
      I've started sewing some obitsu patterns though. Here's my Minel in a nearly finished jacket.
    4. I was pretty scared to use taobao at first too, but it's really not as hard as you think. Also, when you use a shopping service, if there's something you're unsure about because of the language barrier, you can just ask them and they'll help you out! I use SpreeNow and there's been a few occasions when I've asked them to ask a seller questions for me, or asked them what something meant because google translate went too literal or something. If you ever need help you can always ask me and I'll do my best to help you out if I can.

      That jacket looks adorable, what the heck! I'm really impressed, sewing at such a tiny scale is so difficult, I've only attempted sewing for petit gem like three times and only one time actually ended up with a finished thing ;p It's just too fiddly for me. I definitely want to attempt it more in future when I have time. If you have any tips you can share, I'd love to hear em ;p

      Also, soom got back to me and they're gonna send me out a spare foot part, yay! So anyone else with a Leepy from the last release should contact soom if they want a new foot part sent out. They were really cool about it, so I'm happy.
    5. @Rapps so good to hear you're getting a replacement part!

      I looked at spree now for a bit but I haven't really figured it out yet. The search words I tried either returned nothing or an endless list of things that weren't exactly what I was looking for (^^'). One thing I did discover is that Obitsu11 can wear Petite Blythe clothes, so in theorie the Petit gems should fit them too? I ordered one set to try it out.

      I started sewing for my Barbies back when I was a kid. Now I have an off topic Hujoos that I sew for, so I'm already kind of experienced with doll clothes. The tiny clothes can be a bit of a challenge. A 1 millimetre deviation can totally change the fit, and simple things like the thickness of the fabric become an issue too. For the tinies I sew by hand and try on the clothes multiple times while making them. That way I can fix things on the go. There is a 'sewing for tinies' thread, there are lots of tips and tricks there. And of course if you ever want to give it a try again and have questions I'll be happy to help.

      On that note, I'm going to spam you all with Minel in a playsuit I made for her, loosely based on this tutorial.

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    6. @Enitnerolf thank you for the play suit tutorial! My Leepy needs something just like that, it’s so cute. I have her (Cotton) on my work tray so I can remember to sew something, or I’d forget, lol. Now, no more putting it off!
    7. I had to change the pattern quite a bit. Just sizing it down isn't enough because of the petit gems wide hips and small bust. I've taken a picture of my version of the pattern with a ruler next to is so you can see the size. (I hope this works, if not let me know and I'll try sharing it another way)
      For cutting out the bodice part you can simply follow the tutorial (you will end up with 4 pieces, 2 normal and 2 mirrored). The rectangle is the piece of fabric at the end of the trouser legs, you will need two. I did not make a collar as I was worried it would get to bulky and get in the way of the head movement. So I simply added facing there.
      I hope this makes sense to you. I can hold a simple conversation in english but explaining changes to a sewing pattern is a bit above my skill level (^^')
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    8. @Enitnerolf thank you for the pattern updates. I haven’t tried to sew it yet, so this is perfect timing! Trying to explain making/sewing is difficult, and you being able to do it in two languages is awesome. I’m not an expert at sewing, so any help is appreciated. I understand the basics, but darts, and collars are a bit above my comfort level. I’ll just keep trying though.
    9. @kurogane oops I only just realized that it looks like there are darts in the pattern, but that is not the case! Those are the spots where I cut the pattern and put the pieces further apart to make room for the hips. I never bothered to trace the pattern onto a new piece of paper.
      You can just trace around the outer circumference of the paper and tape construction. The pencil line is the seam line, the pattern includes seam allowance. The squiggly line is where you gather the bodice to the rectangles for the legs (the cuffs?). This is the same as in the original pattern.
      I want to try making another one so when I do I’ll take pictures so I can explain better.
    10. Minel is wishing everyone a hoppy easter!
      (Millie wishes you a hoppy easter too, but she's off topic)
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    11. Hey guys, just an update on the foot situation.

      Today I received a package with spare foot parts... Unblushed.

      I ordered my leepy with body blush, I have neither the skills nor the tools to do any kind of blushing myself, I would have thought soom would have seen that my order (I gave them my order number in the original message I left on the Q&A board) had a leepy with blush, and would have blushed the feet to match, unfortunately, they didn't bother. So now I have two blank foot parts that are completely useless and would look ridiculous considering the rest of the doll is blushed.

      I've gotten in touch with them asking if I can send back these blank foot parts and get new ones that are blushed. If you've contacted soom to ask for spare foot parts, please make sure to tell them that you want the parts blushed if your leepy has blushing because otherwise they'll probably just send you out blank feet like they did with me.
    12. @Rapps oh no! That is so sad. I really hope they can send you blushed feet soon.
    13. Anyone else thinking of getting Roral? I am! Whatever she is, lol. I like the cream white with green, however, mine will be blank. I’ll have to figure out finances, but I’m definitely getting one. Just too cute and tiny!

      Editedto add, I got one! Blank, in cream white. I can’t wait to get her!
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    14. I had no idea they released a new petit gem, I feel like that was really quick! Roral is really cute, so unique! I'm gonna pass on this one though, I'm waiting for them to re-release ondiin in nicer colors (missed the first release, and didn't like the colors/faceup of the second release). It's really nice to see them branching out and making more new sculpts though! Can't wait to see what you do with yours @kurogane!
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    15. @Rapps Ondin is really cute too. I also regret passing up on the first release. At that time I thought they were cute, but until I actually got a Leepy, I didn’t realize how much I missed out on! Now I’d like to get the fox too (all of them if it were financially possible). Now my Leepy (Cotton) will have a friend her size in a few months. I’d better get their clothing figured out!
    16. God, same! When I first saw Ondiin I didn't think it was really cute at all, and I think it's because of that silly wig they had it wearing in most of the original promo photos. It wasn't til I saw this person's Ondiin that I was like.. Wow, that thing is actually adorable. It was already loooong sold out by then though, lol. Yes, I am so excited to eventually take photos of my rudy and leepy together, it's so nice having dolls of the same size that can interact with one another in photos. I hope they continue making petit gem dolls for a long time, I am totally hooked, their aesthetic is just gorgeous.

      What other animals would you guys like to see as petit gems? I could die happy if they released a mouse petit gem one day.
    17. Yes, a mouse would be adorable. I really wish they could make a cute monkey -so hard to find monkeys.
    18. They really need to make a dragon/dinosaur too. That would be so adorable! :love
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    19. I recently found the soom petit gems and im so sad i missed all the preorders!! does anyone know if ondiin is going to get another preorder? or any of the previous ones!! i got roral!! she's too cute!
    20. Soom don't tell people in advance what dolls they're going to rerelease, but considering how often they've rereleased sculpts from different lines, I wouldn't be surprised if they do release ondiin again some day. Meantime, just keep an eye on the secondhand market if you don't wanna wait!
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