Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. She is a twice loved doll in grey. Not the one I wanted but I'm in love with her anyhow. And I also have a fosy in white coming in from the same seller.
    2. My Rudy got her clothes from a seller who was on Dolly Day in barcelona last year, and she said the dress' size wa Pico Neemo :) I recently got a dress for PukiPuki for my Leepy, and that fit, but was... kinda too bit. But no problem sewing it tighter.
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    3. I’m so excited! I got a shipping notice for my Roral! I wasn’t expecting her till end of August. She is blank, so that probably helped. Where has the time gone? I ordered her May 15th, and it doesn’t seem that long ago. Usually waiting wears on me, lol. Am I finally getting patience after all these years?
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    4. My Roral arrived today! She’s amazing! The clear resin headpiece and stand(?) are so pretty.

      One thing I thought was a great improvement was SOOM had glued in the foot magnets and the one on the headpiece so I didn’t have to. They improved the feet since the last Leepy order where one of the feet was not casted correctly and the magnet wouldn’t fit. The petal torso piece is really nice. I’m debating whether or not to re string Roral and put it on. Oh, and the big clear resin piece has a peg that fits into a hole where the tail would go, so no magnet needed. The only nitpicky thing is Roral has no ears and no way to put in magnets inside or outside the head. It’s not a big deal, I just like animal ears on my anthros. I’ve still no idea what Roral is supposed to be...

      Pictures tomorrow and I will put up the box opening too.
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    5. Yay, grats on your new arrival kurogane! Roral is a... She's a... coral... creature? Lol, who knows what the heck it's supposed to be, it's just cute ;p I'm so glad to hear they glued the magnets in, I hope this is something they'll keep up with future orders! Can't wait to see your box opening!
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    6. I think maybe some kinda fantasy axolotl. It's what she reminded me of when I first saw her
    7. Here is the box opening.

      I took very little pictures. I can take more if anyone is interested in seeing a particular part. I did notice my Roral is more of a paper white compared to my Leepy who is definitely a cream white. I like the paper white better as most of my anthros are paper white. I love her open mouth, so cute.

      @Rapps interesting you mentioned a coral type creature as her name IS Coral! I picked that name right after I ordered her. Plus it fits with my Leepy being Cotton, lol.

      [​IMG]SOOM Roral with the clear resin parts by SD Hampton, on Flickr

      Now to find her eyes. I know I put them somewhere!
    8. I'm super jealous! By the time I got the money together for the preorder, it was done! Shes part of my grails!
    9. @Witchachu oh, I do hope SOOM does a re release of Roral. They sometimes do, but in different resin colors. Maybe there will be one for sale as this sometimes happens right after people are getting theirs.

      I have a few on my wishlist too that I missed, like the dog (don’t even know her name!), the fox, and deer. I should make a list with their names, and be better prepared. That’s how I missed them in the first place. Lesson learned.
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    10. I'm paying on some second-hand Fosy (fox) and Rudy(deer). I'm planning on getting the bear next from a seller I found in Hong Kong. But I would die for the dog and the bunny!
    11. I had thought of the Roral as an aurora borealis (northern lights) creature. :)
    12. @aernath I think that is what SOOM called her. She reminds me of an otter. I’m curious, how would you dress/design Roral? I’m just not getting any ideas.
    13. Maybe a cape and frilly shorts? Something long and flowing?
      Almost all of my petit gems are butt naked though. The two that aren't, got the soom outfit.
    14. Oh, I like the frilly shorts! Thanks! :thumbup
    15. Always glad to be of help!
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    17. Oooh! I like the koi idea!
    18. So I attempted my idea and to anyone who got Roral with the gems on, DO NOT FORCE THE GEMS OFF I used acetone to try and gently pry some that didn't pop off with a little pressure and I damaged the crown

      The crown decorations are not glued on THEY ARE RESIN ATTACHED I also hurt the decorations because the acetone ate away at the outer coating. I contacted Soom about replacing them but they're not sure if there's any left :/ I am glad to say that alcohol doesn't damage the decorations or the crown though so that's the go to for cleaning it

      Live and learn I guess, I'm ok with what happened I'm going to work around it but I don't think everyone would take it as well

      The ones on the forehead are regular glue though, they pop off easier (be careful though I still broke one gem easy replace though) and the glue comes right off with acetone

      @kurogane also the dog one is Julie! She's a poodle and good luck finding one, she's a deep digger. I managed to get one with A LOT of luck and intense searching but even finding owner photos is hard, I'm wondering if she was an unpopular sculpt or something?
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    19. @Death of a bachelor interesting about the gem decorations. I too wouldn’t have thought they were attached by resin. They looked like the sticker type. Glad you are ok with what happened with them. And thanks for the info on Julie! I could not remember her name, and I do believe she wasn’t that popular, or maybe she came out at a bad time and no one was paying attention. I saw her, but that was when I was trying to quit buying bjds. I so regret not getting her. Maybe SOOM will release her again. I can always hope!