Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. @kurogane I personally thought they were just glued on but once I popped everything off (at one point practically slicing them off) and went to clean off the glue everything was rock hard and there was no separation between the adhesive and crown, definitely resin

      I feel the same way about Minel, I totally had the chance but I didn't feel like it was worth it at the time somehow I knew I'd regret it, I regretted passing on Meipy when she was new too

      You should message Soom and tell them you want them to bring back Julie, there's a few times were I've asked about a gem and even if they don't have any new info for you they pass the info to the rest of the team saying there's interest

      I asked about any gems I'm missing from my collection coming back and that's how I found out

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    2. @Death of a bachelor yay! That’s great! I don’t have a deer in my collection. I wonder what resin color choices? I definitely need RUDY, so I will be ordering for sure! My fourth SOOM, lol.
    3. @kurogane (meant to @not quote)
      Oh man I've been trying to get a Rudy forever! I've seen so many and just managed to miss all of them on the secondhand

      I'm trying to get a full Petit Gem collection and I'm only 3 short now, I'm actually prepping my finances now to make sure I can get Rudy (and a couple others I know are coming from other companies)
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    4. Rudy is getting a re-release?! :D
      *does a little happy dance*
      I can already hear my wallet cry though :sweat
    5. Oof. If there is a brown rudy, I may get one but otherwise, I'll probably just stick with the grey one I bought. We will see. I'm waiting for another release of Meipy, Julie, or Ondiin tbh..
    6. I'm on the same mission myself. I only have 3 at the moment but I know someone in my state selling one that I'm driving to grab next month so that will give me half
    7. Question for those of you who own Rudy: what size eyes do they take?

      (I’m asking because my Minel was advertised as having 12 mm eyes but actually takes 10 mm, so I’m a bit hesitant to believe the listings)
    8. 10mm for Rudy. I actually tried 12mm Mako eyes in mine at one point but even they were too big. I think the 12mm eyes they can take are Soom's silicone eyes.
    9. My Rudy takes 12mm Soulinabox eyes, they were a really tight fit though. 10mm is better.
    10. Thanks @taixonay and @meanae!
      That means that if I get my hands on a Rudy they’ll be able to share eyes with Minel (and I can safely splurge on eyes because they’re bound to look good in one of them)
    11. Omg! I really hope this is true! I've fallen in love with Rudy the past year or so, but I wasn't active in the hobby when she was last sold. I can't wait!

      Oh God, like 6 months of no dolls I wanted on the market and all at once once I want are starting to all drop at once Lord help me be strong
    13. @meanae thank you for this information! Now I have a firm date to get my finances ready! Yay! A Rudy! I can’t wait!

      @Death of a bachelor oh, I know how you feel! That happened to me this entire year ending with Rudy! I hope you can get the ones you want the most.
    14. The news of Rudy’s rerelease and teasers of Granado’s super adorable Timtim reached me within days of each other. I really don’t know which of the two I want most, and both is not really an option. Now I don’t know what to choose :atremblin
    15. Oh my God it's so hard to choose, there's an artist at doll I want, I know blackbox is eventually releasing Fuu Dou and then SOOM WITH RUDY I did not see that coming at all

      Luckily the artist doll and Fuu Dou both got pushed back so more time to save up, I've gotten really good at saving up lately thanks to some good ol bank killing doctor bills
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    16. Rudy is re-released! And moose antlers are an option! Anyone will be pre-ordering?
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    17. I am TOTALLY jumping on Rudy next paycheck!!! Might sell some odds and ends so I don't feel the hit too bad, but I'll be ordering her blank so it should be fine! I'm so excited!!! I love Rudy!!
    18. The moose antlers are adorable! :D
      I suppose there's no one here who is thinking of ordering Rudy and splitting off the moose antlers? Would love to change my little one, I got tons of deer already!