Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. I’m not sure about the color choices. Baby pink? I don’t know?! All my other Petite Gems are white or cream white. Maybe I should anyway, the price is less than I was expecting, and a Rudy. I think I just convinced myself to get one. OK, a baby pink Rudy, lol.

      Got my Rudy! Yes! :D
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    2. :'( I was hoping to get the Moose Rudy, but I get paid November 15th . I'll just jave to follow this thread and get my fix looking and everyone elses.
    3. @elfy016 I think Soom offers layaway, so maybe you could put down the absolute minimum and then pay the remaining balance once you get paid?
    4. Their layaway are for $300 or more orders. Otherwise, he would be in my cart...
    5. I'd have to spend $300. While I could pad it up. I'd rather not spend more then I'd have to. It's ok. I'll enjoy all the pretty pictures :)
    6. what colors are you guys getting? I'm so torn!
    7. Baby Pink for me! Already have Rudy, but he's my favourite among all Petitgems, so my grey Rudy will get a twin, haha.
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    8. I ordered the pink resin. I got the pink eyes too but I might buy different blue ones later. I’m thinking of doing a little blind albino oracle of the forest character with her
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    9. Pink for me too!
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    10. I definitely want bronze rudy with moose antlers
    11. Me too! If I can remember long enough, I may ask soom if they will make it so we can buy more antlers with our Rudies. Like two pairs of moose ones.
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    12. Just ordered my Rudy, pink with deer antlers!!:D I'm so excited!

      But did anyone else think that the pink Rudy looked more like white with just pink blushing? Maybe it's because it's so light pink resin, idk. Also I really wish there had been an option for cute little outfit or something! But now I'm just being a downer, I'm still so excited and happy! xD
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    13. Yea I wish there was a photo of them blank since the pink looked like white
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    14. I totally think it’s white probably is a very soft pink
    15. I'm picking up extra shifts at work. I've decided to get him haha
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    16. Soom has unfortunately already saud to someone else that they won't sell the moose horns on their own :/

      Soom has a overview for their skin colors here:
      Skin Color - The Gem
      But, tbh, even light violet doesn't look as vibrant in person. I got a Leepy in LV from the last release, and he's more of a paper white with a hint of purple.
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    17. I ordered my girl in bronze! I do wish she were a lighter color, but if the baby pink is either skintone or truly pink, then I think I would definitely prefer the bronze.

      She is super cute and I can't wait to get her!
    18. @Witchachu yay!
      @meanae well darn, thanks for letting us know. All the messages I saw on the Q&A were all locked, so I couldn't see the replies.
    19. That's crazy rudy is in baby pink! I asked them for Ondiin in pink, so I'm super optimistic now ^^
    20. I got a reply from soom about the moose antlers! It's nice to know why they won't sell the moose horns separately.
      Still a bummer, but good to know.
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