Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. ORDERED MY RUDY IN BABY PINK! :whee: AND NOW...the anticipation!
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    2. I’m so excited! I ordered my Rudy on 11/04 in baby pink, with deer horns, and blank! I’ve been longing for a Rudy for forever, so I’m excited to finally have one coming my way! I just have to decide on her style and name now...:? (I have like, 3 incoming BJD that I have no idea the style or name I want for them....)
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    3. Does anyone who has wigs for their Petits have any recommendations? I'd like wigs but I'm totally lost on sizes and how to look for them! Or, even best ways to make them for this specific doll?
    4. Wondering the same thing! I've eyeballed Mozekyto's tutorials on youtube for Monster High, which has a similar tiny-head-principle, so I might try a little yarn wig to see if I can make it work!
    5. If it helps, I found that the proper wig size is 3-4inch and there is currently a post about tiny wigs if you look for it. A lot of people have listed companies with tiny wigs
    6. I missed out on the last Rudy run . I really should have put him on layaway. I finally got around to painting my white Rudy and she turned out so pretty. So I need a sister (or brother?) For her now.

      I'm so excited to see everyone's Rudy's when they start arriving!!
    7. I've not bought any wigs but have made a yarn wig for my Meipy (the wigcap was made with tights and clear silicone caulk). Yarn wigs don't take too long for tiny heads so it's worth having a go! :XD:

    8. I saw a youtube video on an easy acrylic wig I wanna try
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    9. I made a wig cap for my Roral out of white tights and white glue (pva). I just haven’t made the yarn wefts yet.
      I will need to make one for my Leepy and Rudy (which should be coming within the next month or so).

      I’m up to three Petite Gems, and wonder how many will be released this year? I’m hoping for another fennec fox, or Julie. Humm, maybe a totally new sculpt! Anyway, I’m addicted!

    10. Oh man, I would love an Ondiin or Meipy rerelease. I'm also hoping they rerelease Leepy so I can get a sleeping faceplate for mine.
    11. Got my shipping notice for Rudy today! I ordered her November 1st, so a short wait. I’m looking forward to seeing the pink resin, and saving up for the next Petite Gem release.
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    12. I've had my eyes on the Petit Gem line since they were first created, but now I've gotten back into the hobby, I'm desperate to get my hands on a Rudy or Leepy or Minel. I love how tiny and cute they are! :D

      My fingers are crossed that some Rudys will show up on the market once the November orders start arriving. I'm so sad I missed out on the chance to order one! I took my dolls out of storage in December and when I went to see what Soom had been up to, I kicked myself over not having thought to check sooner. :doh
    13. I got my pink Rudy today! I love the soft pink color. Everything was fine with my order, I just had an oops and lost one of the horns in the car. It fell down under the back seat and no way to find it without taking the seat apart. I’ve asked Soom if I can buy a replacement. I won’t open any tiny parts in the car ever again!

      I’ve given much thought over her name as my other two are named Cotton (Leepy), and Coral (Roral). I wanted to stick with ‘c’ names and decided on Cherry. I’m making each girl a Kimono and got the fabrics today.
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    14. @kurogane oh that’s too bad about losing the part. I can understand being excited though. She sounds lovely and can’t wait to see pics!
    15. SOOM got back to me and I have a replacement pair of horns on order. They quoted me a month. I’m going to make a pair anyway, just so Cherry won’t have holes on the top off her head.

    16. I'm happy for you! I know they usually wont make just small parts like that so it's cool that they're working with you!
    17. hello everyone! i've just updated the original post with working links. :aheartbea
    18. ahh i just (impulsively) bought a secondhand rudy and im SO excited. i am obsessed with deer and i cannot WAIT. this will be my tiniest doll (im now waiting on three, a minifee, a dearmine 30cm, and rudy!)
    19. Mine maybe? :,D A grey one with a dress? With the pink one that arrived just this week I figured that grey doesn't really fit into my kinda-fantasy colorful small pet zoo, haha...
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    20. Ahhh, I'm so jealous! Where did you find one? :aeyepop: