Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. I've been busy sewing Yukatas for my girls. I used an Obitsu 11cm pattern and it fits pretty good. The sleeves could be a tad shorter in my opinion. Next time I will adjust the pattern accordingly. I just have the Obi left to do. Lucky me, I had the ribbons in my stash, and they match! This is a rare occurrence as usually nothing matches, and I have to buy more and the cycle continues. I still need to glue the magnets in Rudy's ears, lol, and I think Roral needs some kind of ears herself, so I will try and make some. Not sure what kind yet, still thinking it over.

      [​IMG]Yukata making for SOOM Petite Gems by SD Hampton, on Flickr

      Also, I noticed that my Roral and Leepy's eyes were 'running' and was shocked to find the white poster tack I was using had gone all wrong and was melting my plastic eyes! I was able to salvage the pupils, and thankfully no damage to the resin. I've never had this happen to me before, but have heard of this. Luckily I had three pairs of eyes that fit.
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    2. Just got my Shipping Notification!!! :D

      Your yukatas are adorable!!!! Where did you find those cute little eyes?
    3. @MercutioEx thank you! I got the eyes at Aileendoll.
    4. I’ve been religiously checking my email since they’ve started shipping out and I finally got shipping notification today
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    5. Omg, those yukatas are so cute! I'm on aliexpress now looking through Obitsu 11 clothes for my Rudy thanks to the info on this thread. I'm also looking into buying more eyes for her. I swear I read somewhere that Petit Gems looks better with 10mm or even 8mm than the listed 12mm, can anybody confirm if this is true? She's my first doll and I only have the eyes she was sent with so I can't compare!
    6. Yes, 8-10mm works best. I actually have a pic of my Rudy with 12mm Mako eyes (which run a bit smaller than most other 12mm eyes) here in this thread and they were too big to reposition, so the eyes were crossed. She now wears 10mm eyes, but I may eventually try to get her some 8 or 9mm ones.
    7. I have a Minel, who supposedly has the same faceplate as Rudy. The 12 mm eyes I bought for her don’t even fit in her eyewells. I got her 10 mm glass eyes that fit nicely, only downside is that because of the high dome on the iris I can’t really position them.
      I’ve never tried 8 mm eyes on her, but I have some so I could give it a try.

      As for obitsu clothing: keep in mind they might be a bit wide on top, as the petit gems torso is much more slender. Of course wether this is a problem or not depends on the style of clothing and your personal preferences.

      Good luck outfitting your Rudy!
    8. @kurogane those yukatas are really nice!

      I happened to recognize the cover of the book they are lounging on. I’ve been considering buying it but I’m a bit scared by the fact that it’s only available in japanese. Do you think the pictures alone are enough to make sense of the patterns? I’m not a super skilled seamstress but I do have some experience working with and altering patterns. The preview pages I can find online are all of the same super easy pants. I was wondering if the more complicated patterns can be figured out by just looking at the pattern and the pictures.
    9. @Enitnerolf so far the book has been easy to follow if you have some sewing knowledge. I’m not that experienced in sewing clothing, but I do remember some of the basics from my school days. The only time I wish I could read the book is the tips and materials section. I did struggle to understand the yukata pattern as there are extra parts not shown in the pictures. I finally realized they were another option if you didn’t want to sew the front panels and simplify the yukata. Once I realized this, the sewing was very straight forward and I made five!
    10. @kurogane thank you! That sounds like the book might work for me. Now to decide wether I want the boy version, girl version or splurge on both :lol:
    11. @Enitnerolf I really like the book and have been thinking about getting the girl version too. There is also a Nendoroid Doll sewing book that is a similar size as Obitsu 11. I’ve been eyeing that book as well. I have all these pattern books, but am hardly satisfied with what I sew. I need more practice! The yukatas are quite successful, which is a relief.
    12. maybe!! off facebook? i love her!

      on a bjd page on facebook. i think it was meanee haha :whee:

      This is her :)


      I love that dress because I want to make her my little plant girl. But I'm also not sure what sizes to look for when clothes shopping? And do they make wigs that fit them?
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    13. Haha yeah that was my Rudy <3 She's wearing Pico Neemo clothes. I got the dress from a seamstress who sold their stuff on Dolly Day :)
    14. Well thanks again!! I love her so much T_T and I'll have to check out their stuff.
    15. Barbie Kelly clothes also fit.
    16. Has everyone who got their Rudy recently already given her a faceup? Mine is still bare sadly, and her being my first BJD I'm not super sure how I should go about finding somebody to give her a faceup! Do you think if I commission somebody to do her face as well as body blushing it would be pretty pricey? Any recommendations for artists? Think I might regret not getting the company faceup...
    17. Aren’t they too big? Kelly is a lot chubbier and her torso limb ratio is way different. I have one very old kelly and her clothes were a nono, might be that the model has changed.
      Or I’m just too picky about loose fitting clothing on my dolls :sweat
    18. Oh wow, that is an amazing fit. Really nice!
      On another note: apparently Kelly retired 10 years ago and has been replaced by Chelsea (who is taller and slimmer), that explains why I didn’t think it would work.
      Onwards to find some Chelsea clothes for my petit gem then I think?
    19. I thought Chelsea=Kelly! LOL! :D

      Wal-Mart has those sets btw.