Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. Took my little Minel to an underground salt mine!

      [​IMG]Soom Petit Gem Minel at Strataca by aernath, on Flickr

      Btw, as a PSA, I would not recommend using the glow in the dark Elmers glue. It apparently shrinks a little when it dries and it peeled away from the resin. It took off all the little gem flakes from the blushing on his ears when it did.I
      But otherwise, it's pretty cool!
      Another photo, but you can see the glow from his forehead and hands.
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    2. Ooooooh, I finally got my hands on a Petit Gem to add to my doll family! :D

      I just bought a secondhand Rudy in grey skin from the 2018 release and I'm so so excited! I'm trying to pick a name in the meantime, and I'm thinking Maia is my frontrunner right now.
    3. Demona, Demi for short, arrived today!

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    4. Cuuute! Congratulations! Love that dress. Looks like a really good fit.
    5. It’s a Picco Neemo dress from Azone.
    6. Thanks! It looks great!
    7. Did anybody else see Soom's instagram post? They're releasing another Ondiin! Only for a few days, starting April 10th. I'm excited, I've been wanting an Ondiin for a while. Judging by the little teaser pictures, I'm guessing she/he is going to be spring themed.
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    8. I wanna see the whole outfit.
    9. Ondiin is up and s/he is adorable, I love the honey yellow! I was recently lucky enough to get a Fosy in a trade, but I think he is going to need a friend already...
    10. Oh no it's cute! Can't make up my mind. Honestly much pricier than the Rudy I just got from them but so many options, too... aaah. Not sure which resin color I like more, either!
    11. Oh my goodness I came in ready to buy Ondiin in white, but the body blushing and yellow one stole my heart! So I ordered her instead :) I've been wanting an Ondiin for YEARS, so I'm partying over here ^_^
    12. Ondiin party~! I bought one in honey yellow too, I tend to lean towards unusual resin colors and I thought pink and orange 'sunset' blushing would look cute. With the little horns and tail I'm not sure what this little one will be.. a fairy? a forest sprite? A cat with a funny haircut?
    13. Ahh! I'm joining the Ondiin crowd. <3 I ordered her in white with all the blushing. I love the yellow one, too. Wish I could bring home both! Can't wait to see yours @ArouraAnn & @juumou.

      I'm a sucker for 1/12 scale dolls in general, so she's going to be adorable next to my Dream Pockets & Picco Neemos.
    14. Unfortunately, I’m needing to pass this time due to all the financial uncertainty. Ondiin is adorable, but not in my budget even with layaway, so I settled on a consolation purchase that I could afford. I will be looking forward to seeing all the arrival pictures!
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    15. I may have to get a second Ondiin-even though I still haven’t got the magnets in right in my first one.
    16. Just got my order in under the wire, haha. Been wanting Ondiin since she first released, but haven't loved the resin colors of past releases. I've been wanting a doll in yellow resin, so this was perfect!<3
    17. Hi everyone! Last night I placed my first petit gem order! I was done placing an order for saiph and something came over me that I couldn’t stop thinking or looking at Ondiin’s page, next thing I knew I find myself clicking the buy it now button.:XD: I ordered Ondiin in honey yellow, basic head, with face up and blushing and eyes. This is my first tiny so I’m looking forward to seeing her in person! :)
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    18. Does anyone know Soom's production time for the smaller dolls? Sometimes they seem to come faster - but then again Soom is sometimes all over the place. I'm really excited for my Ondiin ^_^
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    19. My gray Rudy took 2 months, my Leepy and second Rudy 3 months.