Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. I am soo looking forward to my Pa-an.. I hope that the plans I am getting for her will work out ^_^
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    2. I’ve gotten a shipping notice for my blank Ondiin. I have to pay double for shipping to New Zealand because of the pandemic, but this probably means everyone else will start getting their orders soon.
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    3. Yaaay! More resin friends who have also ordered Pa-an! I ordered her in peony white with the tan horns just like the photos! She’s going to be so cute! My husband even told me to order her, which means I -really- had to! :XD:
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    4. Do y'all think they'll do another release of Pa-an/Pa-an's sculpt someday? I'm hip deep in bills and had to pass on her, but it would be SO NICE to be able to get her in the future ;_; I'm new-ish to Soom and not familiar with how often they rerelease things.
    5. Rereleases can take anything from 6 months to 5 years, if not longer. There's no real logic behind it :,)
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    6. RIP to me then! LOL I guess if it happens, it happens.
    7. Once they start arriving some people won’t like them and sell them. So keep an eye on the second hand market.
    8. I was waiting for a Meipy re-release, but it never came xD
      Soom is currently not shipping to my country, but hopefully things will be different in a few months when Pa-an is done >_>
    9. It does seem like Petit Gem releases are happening more frequently, at least! I haven't done the math so it could just be because Ondiin and Pa-an were seemingly back to back. Hopefully Soom realizes how much people like these little guys.
    10. Pa-an is gonna be my first Petit Gem, but the only other Soom dolls I'm interested in are the Mini Gems and I'm not too pulled towards either of the ones available yet, so with any luck I can give my wallet the break it's earned while waiting for the next release of Leepy or Ondiin. Though, really, I adore almost all of them, so I'd be happy to see any more pop up in the near future. I've already got faceups + outfits planned for nearly any possible re-release, and once said release actually arrives I'll probably have so many ideas I won't know what to do with them all!
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    11. @meanae, that' super helpful! Thanks. :D
    12. I think we got Ondiin and Pa-an back-to-back because Ondiin (only available for 3 days) was supposed to be a special event that coincided with a live event in Seoul, whereas Pa-an came out sort of right on time.

      Knowing Soom, they re-release the Petit Gem sculpts based on popularity. :) So if Pa-an is really popular, we'll surely see them again! It might be a couple years if we go buy @meanae 's chart, but I bet this isn't the only time we see Pa-an.

      It sort of sucks, but based on the scarcity of social media pics of some of the Petit Gems, some probably won't be rereleased. I'd bet we'll see Fosy again before we see Eva or Julie.

      Edited to add:
      Btw, my Ondiin shipped today so I'll probably get them within a week. Anyone else get shipping notices?
    13. I’m hoping for another Fosy and Julie re release. Those two are the ones I regret missing out on. I have a Leepy, Rudy, and a Roral, all from last year. Leepy and Rudy were re releases, while Roral was a new sculpt. I wonder what will be the fall release this year?
    14. Ohh yeah! :o
    15. Ohhh Puka! That's the other little one I'm waiting for aside from Rudy. Though I wooouuuld be tempted by Meipy if she comes back in yellow again. She reminds me of a bearbee from Kyou Kara Maoh.
    16. Meipy's one that I'm hoping gets a re-release, too! She was so cute, and I love bees/bears so I was sad to miss her the first time around.

      My Ondiin shipped! :sumomo:I can't wait until she gets here!
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    17. My Ondiin has been stuck in China for four days even after I paid double for shipping. I know it's good that we've shut down travel to and from my country, but this sorta sucks. (Nothing Soom can do about this, we just have to wait.)
    18. I received my Ondiin early this morning! I wasn’t expecting her so soon especially with all that is going on with EMS. She is way smaller than I expected! But she is super cute! I wished I have ordered Pa-an(?) so she would have a friend in her size.
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    19. My Ondiin arrived today and they’re even more adorable than I expected! I can’t wait to customise this cutie. Such a tiny delightful creature.

      My only complaint: the elastic was so weak I had to replace it with something a bit stronger. Is weak elastic normal for Petit Gems?
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