Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. My Leepys strings were pretty weak too, but my Rudys were okay, so its a kind of hit and miss?
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    2. Seems so! Thank you for telling me your experience.

      @juumou Sales/trades posts go in the Marketplace. <3 If a mod sees your post they'll delete it.
    3. I had a dream about getting the email about my Pa-an, woke up sorely disappointed ... it's so exciting to hear about everyone getting their Ondiins! I hadn't heard about the weak string thing before, but I may grab some replacement beforehand just in case since it's a bit hard to get out these days. Does anyone know at least an estimate of what size would be about right? All my current dolls are on the larger side, but I don't wanna go too thin with it and end up with a worse mess on my hands.
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    4. I used some thin elastic I bought a while ago from the sewing section of a craft store. I wish I knew what size it was! But it has a lot more tension than the type that came in my Ondiin despite being close to the same size.
    5. Finally managed to do the blushing on my Ondiin.

      Молоко is a milk demon/fairy. :)


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    6. Just got the email about my Pa-An! Black Phillip is coming home!
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    7. Just paid extra shipping, so hopefully my Pa-an will be on the way soon, too! Looking forward to your Black Phillip!
    8. Oh this is exciting! Congrats both :D
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    9. I also got an email about my Pa-an! I asked to hold off shipping my Ondiin when that was ready, so hopefully they'll be able to send them both together!

      Edit: Just checked and they said they will be shipping together, yay I have two cuties coming home to me <3
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    10. That’s fantastic news! Waiting on an update on mine, but hoping it won’t be long.

      How early in the preorder did you order yours? :3
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    11. I think I ordered mine the day he launched
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    12. Woo congrats on the shipping notices! :D
      I am eagerly stalking my mail, since sbslink and I ordered on the launch day as well. I did get the outfit with it, which I hope isn't causing a delay or anything :doh
      Send in the tiny goats!
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    13. Yes! But it could also be the face-up I ordered? Well hopefully not long anymore!
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    14. I ordered my Pa-an (no faceup or blushing) along with the outfit in the first few hours. However, after I paid the extra fee for shipping, they told me that they have a lot of orders and it might take a while before my order ships.

      I don’t have a shipping notice but it’s still early on Tuesday in South Korea. :)
    15. I ordered Pa-an with a faceup and the outfit, and I haven’t received a shipping email yet. I’m glad your guys are getting one though! Hopefully soon!

      now... thoughts on the End of Summer Leepy/Ondiin release? I’m getting Ondiin and my boyfriend is getting Leepy but we can’t decide which colors!!
    16. They just had to release the two sculpts I've been waiting most for right when all my doll money is going towards prepping for my own preorder! That would be my luck. Absolutely heartbroken I may miss this one, unless I get lucky and someone sells theirs later. But gosh, the colors are sooo cute. Ondiin is such a sweet little doll, and I think both shades suit her super well <3 but especially the blue! If I could, I'd want to get one in each color and customize them to be twins!

      I also haven't gotten my Pa-an email yet, but I think I ordered her later into her ordering period so hopefully it'll be soon! I'd love to see photos whenever any of you get her, I've seen some on Instagram and I'm absolutely in love, she's so tiny and precious!
    17. We ordered on the first day, but I ordered a grey Pa-an with face up so that might be causing the delay.

      I think they are both really cute ^_^ but luckily not my thing.. I am more a fan of Rudy. I do love their little outfits ❤
    18. I missed the last Ondiin and regretted it and these two are so cute- I may just have to find the money to get one of each.
    19. hiiii! i just preordered a leepy in baby pink im so excited ;w; i wanted a petit gem for so long!!! im gonna lurk around now >:3
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