Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. It varies honestly. I've gotten them in two months before and I've been waiting on my morga for almost four now it feels like. I think it depends, But they seem like they've been slow on their shipping game the last couple months.

      I can't wait to see pictures of your rudy!!
      I missed out on him but I'm going for Leepy!
    2. I hope Rudy come home soon .... >.<

      Leepy is very adorable in grey skin *////*
    3. It may take a while. Since I can't just upload things from my phone. I'd rather have cute pictures for you all to look at. Maybe this weekend *fingers crossed*

      Leepy and Rudy's outfits are so cute I wish I could just get the leg warms. I'd wanted a pair for my Obiin for the longest. Too bad they aren't separate..
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    4. welp I did it! Ive got a leepy ordered... I have no Regrets! Thanks for your guy's help in making that decision!!
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    5. @TechnicolorFox, fair enough! I also prefer to post cute pictures of my dolls, so I understand where you're coming from.

      Annnd go ahead and add me to the Leepy train too. >.> I ordered her with the outfit, grey skin, open eyed, and blank. I'm really hoping that Rudy and Leepy work out. I've already got names for them: Ferdy and Fran. :B
    6. @taixonay Ferdy and Fran sound like they'll be adorable!!! Perfect names. :D

      It was that grey skin option that got me too, I ordered some of Soom's Slient night eyes to go with mine so she'll have those big brown eyes. :aeyepop:

      This Petit Gem line could become dangerous If they keep up with this trend. :shudder
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    7. I caved and orderd a Leepy (grey skin, open head, no extra's)
      My Ondiin took about two months, so hopefully it will be the same for Rudy's and Leepy's as well
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    8. Yay, did my gray skin Leepy order :dance

      I probably would want to have a little fur wig on it. What wig size do Petit Gem dolls use?
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    9. If I remember correctly my Obiin has a four inch wig. It's cute but the magnets arent super strong. I have to keep readjusting them if I want them in with the wig.
    10. I couldn't resist, I put a gray Leepy on layaway. Open eyes, makeup and blushing with the outfit. It will be a bit of a wait but I suspect she will be worth it. :love

      Congratulations to everyone else who has a little bunny coming home!
    11. Thanks :kitty2 No problem. I always have some extra magnets lying around somewhere for ear parts.
    12. @Kami_aqua, I'm going to have to agree with you about the Petit Gems being dangerous. Hopefully there won't be too many of them in a single year and hopefully their sale periods will be further apart as well. :|

      I was also thinking about brown eyes for my Leepy, though I'm leaning towards Mako eyes, maybe IB-009. Not sure what color eyes would work best for Rudy though. Maybe grey? I don't want to do blue or green.
    13. I wish Soom shipes out the Rudys.... >.<
    14. Congrats for everyone who ordered the new Leepy !
      I did it too I missed Rudy, I would not have missed Leepy
    15. congrats on the leepy orders guys! hopefully the the rudy orders will ship soon, i'm excited for my little deer! :whee:
    16. Hehe, yes congrats on all Leepy orders :kitty1

      Leepy is so cute <3 Just the bunny doll I've always wanted. Been so hard to find a bunny doll I actually liked. I'm so picky about my Anthros :sweat So this little bunny there was no way I could resist :chibi
    17. Yay! Congrats everyone and hopefully we get some Rudy photos soon!! I jumped on the train and got a grey basic head with faceup & outfit Leppy!! So super excited! Just need to figure out some eyes, do the others really need 12mm or would 14mm fit? I'm thinking probably 12mm would the smartest for the eye wells? What do you peeps think? :D
    18. Hi everyone! I got more birthday money than excepted, and ended up buying Leepy yesterday, just in time before orders for her close! I ordered her with white skin, faceup and outfit. I'm really excited, I love bunnies and she'll be my first bunny doll and also first doll from Soom. She's my second anthro doll, I already have Pipos cat, who I'm planning on being this lil one's adopted mom. :3 aaaa it's going to be long wait, my last two dolls were second-hand, so I kind of got used to not-so-long waits. But I knew I'd regret it if I didn't buy her, and my partner in the end just told me to do it. I didn't buy Fairyland's Momo when she was on sale, and I regret it so much. Though I didn't have quite enough money, I think. Still, makes me sad. I never see her on marketplace.

      I hope we get pictures of Rudy soon, I really love her too! Maybe if I find one on sale on marketplace at some point, I'll get her to too! If the price isn't too high, that is.

    19. I picked out 12mm since that what soom used. I think 10mm might work too in your want less iris and pupil I feel like 14mm would be to big.

      @heavenlydevil Welcome to the party! :) Leepys a great bunny too! I'm working on modding my soom mylos bunny parts to fit her minifee body to fit in with my Leepy and Hawa. Full bunny family! :) I hope you get your momo one day!
    20. Thank you soooo much!! I think I'll go with 12mm too just because of what you said about soom using it! I love the full doe eye look and I think you're totally right about the 12mm having that over the 10mm :D so excited to see your bunny family! They sounds adorable <3

      Congratulations!!! Yeah I squeaked in right under the cut off too haha! It's so hard when we miss out on the ones we really want! That's how I felt about Rudy but just couldn't make it happen before the cut off :(

      Can't wait to see everyone's Rudy's and Leepy's <3