Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

    1. @Airs Heck yeah! I love the dull doe eye look too their so sweet!

      Thanks! :)
    2. @Kami_aqua Thank you, she is! Oh, that sounds very interesting! :0 I'd love to hear more! I'd like to get Mylo too, I really like her too. Maybe I'll start a lil bunny farm after getting my Leepy! I considered just getting Momo from a la carte but it wouldn't be the same. Some day! I think she might be my grail :0

      @Airs Oh, awesome! Guess we'll be the last ones getting our Leepys then, haha. I hope you get Rudy too!
    3. Oh hey I also wanted to ask, do you guys know if pukipuki clothes will fit these guys? I figured yes, since the measurements are so similar, but I'm not sure.

      Also, are they single-jointed or double? I thought single, but I'm not sure... but boy, am I gonna have many single-jointed resin babies! (I only have one double right now.... T_T)
    4. They are single jointed.
    5. Leepy would make a really cute Judy Hopps from Zootopia! I was looking through my "Art of Zootopia” book last night when I noticed it.

      Maybe I can find someone who can make Hopps' police uniform for Petit Gem...
    6. Omg your right. That would be really fun to dress her up as. :)
    7. @TechnicolorFox thank you! That's a shame but I figured so.

      @taixonay wow, that's true! Though Judy's face is bit more happy, I think... but still! I can't believe I never noticed this, Zootopia is my favorite Disney movie! I hope you find someone to make that outfit, it'd be so cool!
    8. Maybe with a different face up it might work? I don't think I'll actually make my Leepy into Judy, but a cosplay outfit would definitely be fun.
    9. @taixonay Yeah! She could be bit of shy cosplayer C:
    10. Oh wow, I nearly missed this!

      I am really interested in getting an Ondiin... though when I try to select it on the Post MD page, it gives me a "The maximum quantity of ordering is not available" error. I have a feeling that means they're not available anymore :c
    11. @Twillow, I think there was only one Ondiin available from the beginning. I'm not familiar with Soom's Post MD events and originally only looked at which sculpts you could order, but it also says the amount of each doll they have available. ):
    12. Ahhhh, I see. I'm not too heartbroken, since I'm still getting Rudy :) I hope whoever got the Post MD sale one(s) comes and shows off here!
    13. My Rudy is "Before Shipping", but he's been stuck in that status for nearly a week now. >_> This is my first time ordering from Soom, does their "Before Shipping" status mean the same thing as other companies' "Before Shipping" status, or does it more equate to "Processing"?
    14. A couple of us have been marked as "Before Shipping" for the past 2 months. I don't think it means anything to Soom, sadly :c
    15. My Rudy is on the way *///////*

      AND I had luck and got the only one Ondiin from the Event =) It was early morning and really hard to wake off xDDD

      So i hope i can show you many pictures soon :D
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    16. Congratulations @vanori! Can't wait to see pictures of your Rudy and Ondiin! Are they shipping together?
    17. Oh congrats on them both! I hope my Rudy is on it's way soon as well...
    18. YAY! My Rudy just shipped too! :dance